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Intranet Broadcasts

Send and track key information across a variety of channels from your intranet

Not all employees have the same place of work, or the same method of working

So, how do you ensure you communicate important information in a way that resonates with a diverse and dispersed workforce? And how can you be sure that the message has been sent and received? Interact Broadcasts allow you to send and track important information across a variety of channels from your intranet, so you can be sure your different user groups get the message loud and clear.

Send and track key information across a variety of channels from your intranet

Compose your message within the intranet, select recipients, then choose from four different broadcast modes to send the message out. Display a banner on the intranet; send an SMS; push notifications through the Interact app; or block users from visiting any areas on the intranet until they have read and acknowledged the message.

Connecting your mobile workers

Your employees aren't always at a desk, they may not even have a computer, but the likelihood is that they will have a smartphone. 90% of SMS messages are read within three minutes: broadcast SMS messages from your intranet and get communications out to your mobile workers – fast.

Targeted communications

Make communications relevant and ensure they get read, by targeting specific groups including personas, locations, teams and departments – or simply select individuals.

Broadcast analytics

Track how your broadcasts are performing with visibility into messages delivered and read, and how many have yet to be seen and acknowledged.

Keeping you compliant

By asking users to acknowledge they have read mandatory communications, e.g. an updated Health & Safety policy, you can maintain an audit trail for compliance purposes.

Planning and deploying a successful intranet

An essential guide for every stage of your intranet journey

Effective planning and the smooth deployment of your intranet project are essential. Download our free guide today to help you get started.