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Intranet Broadcasts

Multi-channel communication from within your intranet

Communicate critical information to each and every employee

Not all employees have the same place of work, or the same method of working. So, how do you ensure you communicate critical information in a way that resonates with a diverse and often hard-to-reach workforce? And how can you be sure that the message has been received and read? Broadcasts allow you to send and track important information across multiple channels from within your intranet, so you can be sure that you're engaging each and every employee.

Reach your employees during times of crisis or emergency

Bad weather, an unexpected office closure, or a serious incident; unplanned events and circumstances disrupt business, so getting critical information out in a time-sensitive way is key to reducing negative impact. Use Broadcasts to notify employees when urgent communication is required, and keep them updated as events unfold. Compose your message within the intranet, then choose from different broadcast channels to send the message out - including SMS for when you need to contact employees quickly.

Crisis alert system

Use your intranet as a mass broadcast tool by pushing out notifications to multiple devices in multiple locations. Allow two-way messaging to get employee feedback and reactions.

Check employees are safe

Gain visibility into alerts delivered, read and acknowledged. By asking employees to acknowledge they have read a message, you can be certain they are safe and accounted for.

Keep employees updated

A lack of information can be unnerving and can lead to speculation and rumour. Use your intranet to keep employees informed as the situation changes and develops.

Multi-channel communications

Don't rely on just one method of communication to get important information out, particularly in time-sensitive situations. With Interact you can broadcast messages via a number of channels, all from within your intranet. Display a banner on the intranet; send an SMS message or e-mail; push notifications through the Interact app; or block users from visiting any areas on the intranet until they have read and acknowledged the message.

Audience-specific targeting

Make sure your communications are targeted, relevant - and read. Select Broadcast recipients by pre-defined audience groups including personas, departments, locations or teams. Monitor receipt and acknowledgments with visibility into messages delivered and read, and how many have yet to be seen.

Connect your hard-to-reach workers

Your employees aren't always at a desk, some may not even have a computer, but the likelihood is that they will have a smartphone. 90% of SMS messages are read within three minutes: broadcast SMS messages from within your intranet and get communications out to your workers - fast.

Repeat key messages

With visibility into who has yet to read your Broadcasts, you can repeat key communications to those employees who didn't get the message the first time.

Communicate important dates

A deadline for benefits enrolment, an all-hands meeting, or a due date for carrying out performance reviews, alert employees to important dates and ensure they're never missed.

Stay compliant

By asking users to acknowledge they have read mandatory communications, e.g. an updated Health & Safety policy, you can maintain an audit trail for compliance purposes.

Communicating in Crisis

When crisis hits, you need to act fast. Having a comprehensive plan for what happens internally will ensure you act efficiently externally.

Download our free guide and discover to create an effective internal crisis communications plan that ensures your staff are safe, informed, and empowered to act as needed.

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Communicating in Crisis

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