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Intranet Analytics

Measure, analyse and improve your intranet using integrated analytics

Invaluable insights into your intranet's performance

Interact Analytics is a powerful reporting tool that provides invaluable insight into how your intranet is performing, identifying popular content, search terms and contributors as well as flagging issues. The simple and intuitive interface offers a high-level overview of data, allowing you to gain deeper insights when you need to interrogate information further.

Track usage

See how engaged your users are on a daily basis and refine your intranet accordingly, with insights on several areas including visits, sessions, active users and search terms.

Industry benchmarking

Interact allows you to track how your intranet is performing in comparison to others of a similar size and industry with real-time intranet benchmarking scores.

Improve intranet performance

Warnings highlight issues within your intranet, such as out-of-date content. Alerts are ranked as high, medium or low importance so you can prioritise actions accordingly.

Identify collaboration drivers

Understand which content is driving collaboration on your intranet by gaining insight into likes and shares, as well as popular forums and team areas.

Know your influencers

Measure the influence of your users by scoring interactions within the intranet. By knowing who your prominent users are, you can turn them into intranet champions.

Measure investment

It can be difficult to prove the ROI of an intranet, but with powerful insights into usage it's possible to provide stakeholders with the metrics they need to justify investment.

Guiding your ongoing success

Our Customer Success Team are tasked with helping to keep your intranet engaging, relevant and valuable to your organization and users. Interact Analytics will play a huge part in informing your intranet roadmap.

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