University of Kentucky HealthCare fireside chat: Kickstarting digital culture in a changing world [US & Canada]

  • 02- Mar- 2021, 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm EST
  • Online
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Join an exclusive online event where we get together with Jan Taylor, Director Corporate Communications and Jan Carrico, Digital Workplace Communications Manager  at University of Kentucky HealthCare (UKHC) for a chat about their journey implementing modern intranet software during the global crisis of 2020.

After investing a lot of time, effort and resource into securing the right software to connect their 9,000 employees, UKHC found themselves launching their new intranet during the most challenging time for businesses around the world.

Almost twelve months into their investment, we catch up with UKHC along with their lead Strategist and Customer Success Manager to discuss their project in depth – and detail their success as well as the lessons they have learned.

We’ll find out how their intranet, The Loop, is shaping the way employees stay connected and engaged in today’s changing world.

In this fireside chat, we will discuss:

  • How UKHC secured buy-in for a new digital communications platform
  • Ways the escalating COVID-19 situation affected their plans for launch
  • How they kickstarted and communicated this digital change to employees
  • The Loop’s success so far and ways that they continue to measure their ROI
  • What tips and advice they have for anyone working on a similar project

This event is aimed to provide insight and knowledge into a large-scale intranet project, providing ideas and inspiration from securing buy-in to launch and adoption. Join us on March 2nd at 2pm EST.

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