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Sony PlayStation

Interact has provided excellent support for the ideation, creation and launch of our intranet. Since using Interact’s software, we’ve been able to completely overhaul our intranet to make it much sleeker and easier for employees to use.
Jennifer Clark SVP Communications

American multinational pizza chain Domino’s Pizza needed a mobile-enabled way to connect its dispersed frontline franchises and staff, and tailor communications to distinct internal audiences spanning corporate to franchisees. Its Interact intranet, PieNet, is designed to bring its brand to life and support its purpose: to feed the power of the possible.

Global cosmetics brand Lush is about more than just soap. Passionate about providing ethical, cruelty-free products and campaigning for change, the organization needed a way to empower its dispersed, largely offline workforce to come together and get behind their mission: To create a cosmetics revolution to save the planet.

However, not everyone had a licence for its existing SharePoint intranet, which required in-house developers to make changes and saw many staff interacting anonymously as “Store XXX,” rather than as individuals. Interact has offered a flexible, mobile-first solution that enables everyone to connect, be social, and live the values of Lush as brand advocates.

Levi Strauss & Co.

Setting out to unify HR and corporate content into one central hub while driving employee experience, engagement, and inclusivity, Levi Strauss & Co. partnered with Interact to build ‘Threads’: a digital workplace to deliver relevant, vibrant company content and services on any device, right when employees need it.

The largest genealogy company in the world, Ancestry needed a way to get its global network of family history websites on the same page. Moving from SharePoint to Interact offered a way to promote one, deeply integrated and customer-focused organization, and share stories and successes across Ancestry.

We worked with Interact to create a solution to support colleagues when they are not connected to the Bank network, providing up-to-date information, guidance and support about COVID-19 and the steps we are taking. The support from Interact and speed in which they have been able to deliver this was incredible.
Lesley McPherson Director of Communication

Award-winning news and multimedia production company ITN needed a way to connect with and support both reporters in the field and internal staff. Deploying Interact has enabled the organization to react quickly and provide staff with live, current information when news situations develop around the world.

Channel 4

Public broadcaster Channel 4 needed to realign its internal communications and drive employee engagement. Interact’s adaptable and scalable solution supported the organization as it opened new offices across the UK, while offering an easy-to-use platform that reflected its fun culture and media-rich brand.

We very quickly reached the point where the vast majority of our staff visit the site regularly. It's an intranet that people want to use, and I think most people would be lost without it now. Interact's great features together with our engaging content have been a winning recipe for fast adoption. Read more
Laura Pickup Internal Communications Manager
It was clear that to drive engagement, we needed a more social platform to enable two-way communication with staff: thereby creating a richer environment for discussion and learning. That’s exactly what Interact delivered.
Chris White Internal Communications

Imperial College Healthcare
NHS Trust

With a large workforce, a very complex network of services, patient pathways and processes, an accessible, informative and collaborative intranet is needed. We worked with Interact to develop a long-term vision for a new, secure and reliable central workplace portal and we’re incredibly proud of the delivery of the first phase. We’re excited to keep building, developing and improving.
Rachel Watson Head of Content and Digital Development

Europe’s leading architecture and engineering consultancy company Sweco has almost 20,000 employees dispersed across 13 countries. With an existing intranet solution offering poor search functionality and failing to provide a sense of connection to the company, Sweco partnered Interact with the ambition of uniting its people across the boundaries of country, language, and timezone. With rich profiles, high-performing and intelligent search, and the use of in-built language translation functionality, Sweco staff can finally come together.

Interact’s intelligent intranet enables us to ensure communications are seen by all our people wherever they are, tailoring content to audiences to keep it relevant, informative and engaging, as we strive to make betting and gaming better for all our customers.
Joel Turner Internal Communication and Engagement Manager


Waterstones deployed a new intranet platform using Interact, bringing together teams from over 300 stores to improve operational efficiency and customer service.

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The UK’s largest integrated property services group deployed Interact to create a group-wide intranet. They went on to see growth in usage levels of 500%, a boost in cross-selling income, and staff to reward and recognize one another over 85,000 times in the space of two years.

Nationally recognized rice brand Tilda has a diverse staff delivering its vision: from the factory floor to its sales staff on the road. However, its existing internal communications strategy was failing to deliver. After the COVID crisis brought forward plans for a new solution, the Tilda team deployed Interact. Their platform is a centralized, one-stop-shop that not only provides crucial information, but truly gives a sense of connection and community to reflects its family-feel culture.

Local government authority Manchester City Council faced a challenge communicating with its 7,300 office-based and remote staff dispersed throughout the region. Interact provides a user-friendly solution that meets the diverse demands of its users’ technical and literacy levels, connects hard-to-reach staff, and integrates with Office 365 for a truly centralized digital workplace.

Customer Stories

Take a look at why some of our customers love working with Interact

logo - ao.com

AO.com has deployed a new intranet based on Interact technology to promote its customer-focused company culture across a geographically distributed workforce

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logo - piedmont healthcare

To unify their geographically dispersed workforce and support a growing healthcare system, Piedmont implemented Interact to realize its four clear internal communication goals: engagement, accessibility, experience, and social.

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After experiencing rapid growth through acquisition, Mattress Firm implemented Interact Software to create an easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, collaborative intranet that fully meets the needs of their business, and allows two-way employee engagement.

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war child

The international non-profit has transformed knowledge management and internal communication with the introduction of centralized intranet for staff and volunteers.

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Dairy Crest intranet

How an information dumping ground became the center of the multimillion pound organization.

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Honeycomb Group decided to rebuild its internal communications hub from the ground up, with a vision to not only align with its new brand and values but to also truly meet the needs of its diverse, dispersed staff.

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Acadian and Interact partner to cultivate a collaborative culture, foster the social experience and bridge the gap between dispersed employees through their intranet, ‘Acadian Central’.

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UFCU utilizes Interact technology to develop and reinforce a collaborative culture, supporting connections and communication through their new intranet, "UFCU Connect."

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Manchester Metropolitan University set out to enhance the connections between staff, news, and information with the roll-out of its Interact intranet, creating a dedicated space for its internal audience.

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Magic Memories Logo

To unify its globally dispersed staff and facilitate international leadership and training programs, Magic Memories partnered with Interact to create their new intranet, "Click".

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South East Water shows how successfully overhauling a legacy intranet system with 'Gurgle' transformed their organization.

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wheatley group interact intranet

Wheatley Group offers a unique insight into how an intranet can engage, connect and inform a large, dispersed workforce.

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logo - cable and wireless communications

Leading fixed and mobile telecommunications provider Cable & Wireless Communications has deployed Interact to accelerate its major business transformation and corporate rebranding programs.

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Leading international education organization IIE launched a new intranet to boost team cohension and collaboration.

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logo - nspcc

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), the UK's leading children's charity, has built a new intranet on Interact software to bring distributed teams together and to protect every childhood.

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The UK housing association has united a diverse workforce through social tools on its intranet ‘The Orb’, driving greater employee engagement and improving communication across the organization.

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adm Group introduced its intranet Hive to build connections between staff, foster innovation, and share news and success throughout the organization.

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logo - waterstones

Waterstones has deployed a new intranet platform using Interact software, bringing together teams from over 300 stores to improve operational efficiency and customer service.

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The leading owner, asset manager and developer has unified its dispersed workforce and knowledge assets with a centralized intranet, giving employees across the business a voice.

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logo - houston zoo

To help staff minimize administrative overhead, foster teamwork, and prioritize animal and visitor care, Houston Zoo deployed a new intranet which they named ‘The Watering Hole’.

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FSB's intranet, myfsb, meets the needs of its complex and diverse workforce, demonstrating huge attention to detail and boasting great stakeholder support.

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Multi-channel marketing company Dex Media is using Interact to bring distributed colleagues together, share knowledge, and build a corporate culture based on unity and innovation.

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DWF has deployed Interact to revolutionize internal communications, foster team collaboration and deliver the best legal advice for clients.

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logo - kent community health trust

Kent Community Health NHS Foundation has deployed Interact to connect distributed teams; give clinicians fast access to the information they need; and share knowledge and best practices that improve patient care.

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logo - maxxam

Interact gives Maxxam Analytics employees fast access to resources and skills across the business, fostering team collaboration and best practices, and enhancing services for clients.

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logo - mediterranean shipping company

Top shipping company MSC UK enhances customer service and connects employees to its corporate values with Interact

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NYRA logo

NYRA strives to be the premier race organization in the USA and Interact is helping to support this vision by setting expectations for employee commitment and excellence.

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logo - hachette uk

Hachette UK has deployed Interact to improve internal communications and team collaboration.

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logo - taxaudit.com

Leading tax audit defense company TaxAudit.com has improved document management and searches with Interact, saving employees time and increasing productivity.

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