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Connect every employee

Engage with all your workers via your intranet

Engage every employee, regardless of their role, device, or location

Reaching and connecting all of your employees is vital to organizational success. However, engaging workers who are non-desk based or don't have easy access to technology can be a challenge. Ensure none of your staff feel like a second-class employee with Interact's powerful intranet software, designed to engage every individual in your organization: not just the easy-to-reach.

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Out of four employees are non-desk workers underserved by technology

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Reach your employees during times of crisis or emergency

Get critical information out quickly and efficiently to all employees, no matter where they're located. The Broadcasts feature in Interact enables you to alert staff immediately when urgent communication is needed. Compose your message within the intranet, target recipients by persona, department, location or team, then choose from four different broadcast modes to send the message out. Measure the reach of your broadcast to ensure your workers are getting the message.

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Keep your workers informed and compliant

Simplify compliance and ensure your offline or remote workers are aware of important policies or standard operating procedures with Interact. Create Mandatory Read documents with an easy-to-manage CMS and use quizzes to test workers have understood. Analytics within Interact allow you to track who's read your content and send reminders via email or push notifications to ensure they see important information.

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Measure employee engagement across your organization

Gauge levels of engagement and see how all your workers are interacting with your intranet using Analytics. See who is viewing and interacting with content, which content is driving collaboration, and identify any content gaps for your hard-to-reach staff. With Analytics, you can understand what's working well and how to adapt your communications to your different audience types.

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is what an actively disengaged employee costs their organization of their salary every year. That means an actively disengaged employee who makes $60,000 a year costs their company $24,000 a year!

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Disengaged employees are estimated to cost the U.S. between

$450 - $550 Billion

in lost productivity every year.

Gallup: State of the American Workplace Report

Bring remote workers into the conversation

Give remote workers a voice and help them feel a part of your organization. Forums, Blogs, Teams and social features in Interact empower your staff to contribute to the conversation, helping to build an inclusive and engaged working culture.

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Reduce license costs

Channel communications through your intranet, negating the need for a corporate e-mail address or account and save on unnecessary license costs.

Seamless access to your business applications

Make your intranet the gateway to your business with Single Sign-On and integration with your key internal systems, such as Workday and Salesforce.

Personalized access

Provide a tailored experience for hard-to-reach staff and maximize engagement with tailored homepages and easy-to-manage permissions.

Personalized mobile app experience

Give your employees the best mobile experience with a personalized intranet app, designed with your own name and branding. Available for iOS and Android.

Define your own audience groups

Break out of traditional organization structures and define your own audience groups with Personas. Segment staff to your own custom parameters to target messaging.

Keep your data secure

Protect your information, regardless of device or location. Interact meets the highest security standards, including SSAE16, fully-encrypted web traffic, ISO27001, and complies with GDPR standards.

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