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Outstanding intranet communication tools

Get your organization talking

Push information out to employees, or get users talking

Whatever your goals, Interact has all the tools you need to facilitate effective and relevant communications across time zones, locations and teams. By channelling communications through your intranet, you can create a hub where your organization goes to talk.

Broadcast across multiple channels, from your intranet

Not all employees have the same place of work, or the same method of working. So, how do you ensure you communicate important information in a way that resonates with a diverse and dispersed workforce? Connect with your different user groups by sending and tracking important information across a variety of mobile and desk-based channels, all from your intranet.

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Communicate with dynamic groups through intranet personas

Employees can't always be put into clearly defined groups. Because they are a member of one department, it doesn't mean they don't belong in other categories, for example they may be non-customer facing staff, or have a company vehicle. Interact Personas allow you to create dynamic groups outside of rigid organizational structures, and communicate with them in a relevant and impactful way throughout your intranet.

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Flexible, attractive and engaging intranet homepages

Your intranet homepage is the internal window to your organization. As the first place your users visit, it needs to draw them in and keep them coming back by presenting up-to-date and relevant content in an engaging and attractive way. With the ability to display a mix of information, content and media, tailored to specific internal audiences and personas, you can make your intranet homepage count with Interact.

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Intranet blog

Create a social environment that enables staff to connect in an informal and 'real-time' environment, and share expertise and insight with the Interact Blogging tool.

Real-time communications

Interact integrates with major instant messaging platforms giving users the ability to communicate and collaborate in real time from within the intranet.

Connecting conversations

Give employees the ability to bring others into the discussion with Interact's @mentioning functionality. Whether individuals or groups, connect communications across the intranet.

Intranet calendar

Using the Interact calendar, you can ensure everyone is aware of key events and meetings. Categorise events for at-a-glance views, and add events directly to personal calendars.

Measure engagement

Analytics give you insights into users' intranet behaviour. Gain a better understanding of how employees are engaging with content and information, as well as with each other.

Comms on the go

Give your employees the power to communicate regardless of location or device with Interact's responsive intranet design and native mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Planning and deploying a successful intranet

An essential guide for every stage of your intranet journey

Effective planning and the smooth deployment of your intranet project are essential. Download our free guide today to help you get started.