How to effectively communicate change in your organization

How you choose to communicate change in your organization plays a key role in determining its success

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The healthcare industry is going through rapid changes. Medical providers are moving to a value driven model, introducing mHealth initiatives and population health management systems. In the midst of this, healthcare organizations are modifying how they operate – and employees need to know about that change.

Our latest eBook responds to the results of an Interact survey, which shows 69% of organizations communicate important business news through a chain of line managers, while 24% would elect for a town hall announcement, and just 7% would utilize their company intranet. Comparing those avenues, we evaluate how to maximize the success of your change communication by:

  • Managing the timing of delivery
  • Defining and implementing an efficient process to maximize reach and limit resistance
  • Determining the correct content and tone of your key message
  • Adopting a multi-faceted approach across multiple channels
  • Ensuring a two-way communication process

Guard against the dangers of poor change communication and its repercussions on your business; download the latest from our eBook series today.

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