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Improve Collaboration

Connect your people to people and your people to knowledge

Get the most from your workforce

Giving your employees the tools to work together, regardless of team or location, is key to getting the most from your workforce. Interact is packed full of collaboration features so you can connect your organization to your employees, your employees to the information they need, and your employees to each other.

Collaborative team spaces

Break down company silos and simplify group collaboration across location and departments, by providing team spaces on the intranet for groups of common interest. Whether project, social or hobby related, team areas are a place your employees can go to create and engage in their own communities.

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Spark discussion with Interact Forums

Tap into your employees' knowledge, expertise and ideas through the intranet, with intranet Forums. Employees can ask questions, start a discussion, or invite and share ideas, then interact with posts to keep the discussion going.

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Packed full of social features

Social features are integrated throughout our intranet software, giving your employees more ways of communicating and collaborating. Social features, including the ability to like and share posts and content, @mentioning, and activity timelines, help to remove the traditional workplace barriers of familiarity, time zone and technology.

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Connecting your people

Bringing your people together is what makes for true collaboration. Interact People Directory sits at the heart of your intranet, helping employees find co-workers through a variety of criteria including searching by expertise or department, and then giving them the tools to connect and get to work together.

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Collaborate on one version of the truth

Bulk upload documents into your intranet, or connect with any of the leading cloud storage providers and allow employees to search and access your organization's documents, in one place. By providing a single access point, you can help ensure users are working on a single version of the truth. And by working on documents within your intranet, you get the added collaboration benefits, including the ability to @mention and cross-reference content.

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Give recognition

Interact Rewards is a peer-to-peer recognition tool, allowing employees to acknowledge each other's efforts. It's a simple but highly effective way to show appreciation.

Voting and Polls

Employees can collaborate on ideas and suggestions by collecting views and feedback through polls and voting. Do this anonymously to encourage reluctant participants.

Connect and collaborate

Interact integrates with major instant messaging platforms, giving users the ability to collaborate in real time from within the intranet.

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