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5 ways gamification could transform your internal comms

By Becki Hall, July 11, 2017

Is gamification just the latest ‘fad’, or can it deliver real value for business?  Gamification is a rising buzzword and trend in business. Though it’s been on the scene since 2010, gamification has matured and evolved. New and exciting ways to interact with our content are being introduced every day. Internal communicators also face more ... read more

intranet managers

10 ways to make an intranet manager’s life easier

By Becki Hall, June 28, 2017

An Intranet Manager’s job can be a constant balancing act. You’re the one tasked with ensuring user adoption, encouraging collaboration and creating a site that fulfils the unique requirements of your business. There’s content to post, permissions to manage, questions to field. Plus, there’s always today’s crisis: getting an urgent message out, fixing a broken widget, ... read more

get your employees to read internal comms

How to get employees to actually READ your internal comms: 18 simple hacks

By Becki Hall, June 21, 2017

Struggling to get your message heard? Try these quick tips to get your employees engaging with your internal communications. Whether you work in a communications role or you’ve simply been passed the task of getting a message out, the chances are, you’ve faced the frustration that comes from getting employees to actually read your content. ... read more

collaboration software

5 collaboration software mistakes you don’t know you’re making

By Becki Hall, June 13, 2017

Team collaboration software is taking the enterprise world by storm, but could these common mistakes be standing in the way of your success? The collaboration software market has seen a tremendous boom over the past decade. It’s been hailed the final nail in the coffin for email noise; the holy grail for all manner of ... read more

online brand

How to design a great online brand – starting with your employees

By Patrick Foster, May 23, 2017

A company’s brand is so much more than a fancy logo or a wacky color scheme. At its heart, great branding is about relationships – both with your customers and your employees. A business is only as creative, innovative and inspiring as the people behind it, driving the engine. They can reinforce your mission and ... read more

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