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Good news! How to communicate positive news to employees

By Becki Hall, August 31, 2017

Internal communicators, HR professionals and senior management often dedicate time to planning out and preparing for the delivery of bad news to employees. It’s understandable. Handled badly, a negative announcement can trigger a ripple effect on business: impact morale, productivity, lead to a surge in employee turnover. Worse still, if disgruntled staff take their feelings ... read more

internal communcations lessons

What internal communications lessons can we learn from PPC marketing?

By James Foster, August 21, 2017

As a digital marketer for a business with an internal communications emphasis, I have on occasion noted the similarities between the two fields, given the multitude of options and approaches available in both disciplines. Much of my time is devoted to PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, and strategizing how best to approach the multitude of channels, messaging ... read more

internal communication technology

IC ROI: 8 (surprising) ways internal communication technology impacts your bottom line

By Becki Hall, August 18, 2017

As a communicator, I’m used to having my profession regarded as one of the ‘softer’ areas of business. In Sales, you’re measured on the volume and value of opportunities you bring in – and that affects turnover and profit. In Customer Service, it may be the number of tickets you resolve, or the feedback rating ... read more

intranet features

9 things your intranet must do

By Becki Hall, August 3, 2017

  Planning an intranet? We’ll help you get it right first time Download your free intranet guide  When it comes to software or technology in general, we’re used to change. We expect – and even demand – regular updates, fresh and exciting features, new releases. In order to remain relevant, it’s vital to stay ahead ... read more

intranet users

Infographic: 6 ways to keep your employees coming back to your intranet

By Felicia Lorenzo, July 28, 2017

Implementing a social intranet platform is a tried and tested way to boost employee engagement and morale. However, if you want to make the most of your intranet, you need to make sure you keep employees coming back to utilize the tool. Whether your intranet is newly launched or you’ve had your platform in place ... read more

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