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Re-prioritise your intranet’s home page

By Nigel Danson, July 27, 2011

Prime real estate, is how we describe the intranet’s home page, isn’t it? We’re careful what goes on it, although over the years perhaps it has bloated to include too many links and ‘must have’ widgets solely to satisfy stakeholders, rather than the audience. So how often do you review your home page and assess ... read more

Importance of having reasons to collaborate online

By Nigel Danson, July 14, 2011

Being able to demonstrate the purpose and benefits of online collaboration will help people choose to adopt newer, faster, ways of working. If we design and build our intranets around our company’s objectives we’ll be able to establish that the intranet supports the business. Demonstrating the purpose of the content, widgets, features and functions of ... read more

Failure is Your Friend – Embrace It!

By Kevin Jones, July 6, 2011

Kevin Jones is a social and organisational strategist, speaker and entrepreneur. Among other endeavors, he is NASA’s social media strategist. He blogs and creates videos about working differently at We often hide from failures are are ashamed of them. But NAY I say! Open up and share! How else will we learn? Not that we need to be ... read more

Enterprise 2.0 Conference – Day two summary

By Nigel Danson, June 23, 2011

The keynotes at Enterprise 2.0 were outstanding on day two.  The day was kick started by Lee Bryant (@leebryant) from Headshift.  His talk titled data driven business improvement gave a real insight into how open data in the enterprise can drive positive behaviour change – see his slides here in Lee Byant’s blog following the talk:   ... read more

My thoughts from the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston

By Nigel Danson, June 22, 2011

As always with a conference like Enterprise 2.0 in Boston, the key notes are rarely the best part – which is such a shame as when I look back to my scientific days they used to be the highlight of all the conferences with great talks given from leading thought provokers. However, one particular highlight has ... read more

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