Working smarter, not harder is easy with Interact Intranet 7.4

Today is the exciting global launch of Interact Intranet 7.4. Our latest release is set to ensure your intranet gives you an easier way to work smarter, by offering a number of awesome new features to ensure a more productive workforce that have the ability to get things done faster.

Here are 4 great ways that Interact 7.4 can help ensure your intranet is the central place employees go to work smarter and achieve more:

1. Get organised and optimise your productivity at work

Trying to manage daily tasks on a team project can be difficult and often involve group emails that clutter your inbox and become ineffective in offering a transparent way to keep everyone up to date and on schedule. Now managing project or team activities can be quick, easy and email free using the new Interact Task Management App.

Interact Task Management App allows you to quickly add, assign and prioritise tasks for simple project, event or day-to-day management. Tasks can instantly be created from Interacts Top Toolbar or set within Team or Content Areas, offering maximum flexibility in supporting the way you work.

As a key feature in Interact 7.4 is gives full flexibility to adding personal or team tasks and gives you one central place to quickly see tasks you are assigned and also tasks you have created so you can take action.

@mentioning functionality is inbuilt into task notes to allow you to quickly connect people and content from across your intranet to a particular task. You can assign priority levels to ensure focus on critical tasks and make others aware of the importance of an individual task you assign to them.

Interact Task Management makes it simple to easily report on personal tasks or project progress by exporting complete and incomplete tasks to a CSV file. You can also manage your tasks anywhere and on any device, with Interact Task Management being built on Interact’s responsive framework, to ensure tasks can be added, edited, viewed and marked as complete so you aren’t limited to being office based to make full use of this brilliant Interact App.

See Interact Task Management in action:

2. Maximise the success of your events using your intranet

Managing events is now even easier with the new functionality added to Interact Event Calendar that allows you to invite users to an event or meeting directly from your intranet and monitor in real-time their attendance.

This powerful new tool also allows users to download an iCal to add the event directly into their personal work calendars i.e. Outlook, and new notifications can instantly be sent to alert the attendee to any event changes.

There is also the amazing ability to quickly export the list of attendees so you have a record of attendance that is up to date and accurate.

By giving you the tools to manage an event or meeting directly from your intranet you can quickly ensure the right people are notified within your organisation and maximise attendance – keeping all activity in one central place and improve the way people work.

3. Streamline the way you communicate and collaborate with others

Interact Intranet has a great Presence function to allow people to state when they are available, busy or offline to support connecting people via your intranet. This is great for ensuring people can find and communicate with the person, right now – regardless of where they might be located.

This new functionality allows you to instantly see who is available to get answers from and supports users in working more efficiently across your company, regardless of location and time zone.


4. Ensure your intranet content is relevant and useful to people’s work

Interact Timeline is essential to an intranets homepage in order to display information on the activity happening across the intranet and presenting people with intelligently tailored content that helps them get work done faster and easier.

Interact Intranet 7.4 now makes it possible to fully customise the content types displayed in the popular Timeline Widget to ensure people only see content that is relevant and useful to their work.

For example set up a Timeline to only show activity from the people you follow or why not have one that focuses on Forum conversations to spark collaboration and knowledge sharing, enabling better work outcomes.

Discover all the great new features in our global 7.4 launch webinar and transform the way you work using your company intranet! Or why not try Interact Intranet for free today.

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