How to win a free Interact Intranet for your non profit

Calling all non-profits, you only have until December 12th to enter our competition to win a free intranet with Interact Intranet. So if you haven’t entered yet I’m going to give you a little bit of help to make it easier for you to do so by showing you the winning entries from last year’s competition.

Last year the quality of entries where so high that we chose two winners –The Children’s Trust and Maggie’s Cancer Centres. Both entries provided 7 compelling reasons why winning Interact 7 would benefit the work that they do.

Each non profit won a free Interact Intranet worth GBP40,000/ $60,000 to help them achieve the ambitions set out in their entry, as confirmed by Michelle Baillie, Senior Communications & Marketing Manager for The Children’s Trust,”Winning Interact’s non profit competition last year was really exciting for The Children’s Trust, giving us the opportunity to develop our first intranet. As the UK’s leading non profit for children with brain injury, the ability to work smarter and more cost-effectively is vital for us. Our intranet is helping us improve our internal communications and be a platform where we can share our successes and take pride in knowing that we’re making a difference to the children and families we support.”

The Children’s Trust

The leading UK charity for children with acquired brain injury, multiple disabilities and complex health needs, The Children’s Trust submitted a compelling video using their staff and the families they help to clearly highlighted how an intranet would impact the work that they did including:

  • Helping them to work smarter and more cost effectively
  • Improving the culture across The Children’s Trust and allowing them to express their values in everything they do
  • Help to connect their diverse workforce of over 500 staff of differing professions and volunteers

Nigel Danson, Interact Intranet’s CEO commented “The opportunity to work with such a worthy cause like The Children’s Trust is really important to us at Interact. Their entry really brought home how an intranet could make a difference and we are excited about how we can work together in partnership going forward to help them support their staff, who in turn can support these children and their families to live the best life possible.”

Maggie’s Cancer Centres

There are 15 Maggie’s Cancer Centres across the UK and 1 in Hong Kong; all of them offering free emotional, practical and social support to people with cancer and their families and friends. Their entry stood out because they had a number of their staff involved in highlighting 7 key ways Interact could help them, including:

  • Being able to share individual expertise to support colleagues more effectively
  • Creating one place where staff can go to connect and communicate regardless of their location
  • Building meaningful relationships and creating a support network of ideas to help share activities and initiatives across different Centres and inspire new events

Judge Sam Marshall of Clearbox Consulting said that “Maggie’s Cancer Centre’s had a clear vision of how an intranet would support their plans for growth. For example, they talked enthusiastically about internal communities that would work like the kitchen tables in their hospices as a gathering place. I really felt that this was a charity that could take the features of Interact Intranet and use it to amplify the good work they’ve been doing so far.”

Top tips

Based on last year’s winners here are some top tips to help you give your entry the best possible chance of winning:

  • Be specific – make sure the points made in your entry relate back to what you are trying to achieve. If you want to connect staff make sure you explain the wider impact this ability to connect has on your non profit – sharing expertise, giving volunteers a place to contribute etc.
  • Be you – show your values and personality and how these resonate through the work that you do. The Children’s Trust wanted to ensure that they communicated the element of fun in who they are as a team and how they work with Children.
  • Tell us your story – make us understand the importance of what an Interact Intranet would provide if you won and how it would ultimately benefit the fantastic work you do. Both the Children’s Trust and Maggie’s Cancer Centre’s communicated the impact of the work that they do and how with an Interact Intranet they could achieve so much more.

If you haven’t entered yet then be quick the closing date for entries is December 12th and we don’t want you to miss out on this fantastic prize. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call we’d be happy to help.