What’s new in Interact Intranet version 4.9?

We ask our Product Manager Simon Dance about the new features in the latest version of Interact Intranet

Simon Dance


What are the new features in Interact Intranet version 4.9?

“There are four new major features in version 4.9 of Interact Intranet. Interact Teams, improved Microsoft Outlook integration, collaborative image gallery and real-time Twitter widget. There have also been a number of enhancements and improvements to many of the existing technologies in Interact Intranet.”

Tell us about Interact Teams and the benefits it can bring to organisations

“Interact Teams provides a dedicated and transparent area for communities of common interests to come together and work effectively, regardless of their department or location, breaking down organisation silos that can exist in companies.”

Why is this important for organisations?

“All businesses contain teams and groups whether they are cross-departmental projects, best practice groups or social teams. A lack of a single area for collaboration and to share information can result in information that is duplicated and lost through emails. People working away from the office or in another location may miss important data and become detached from the group.”

What are the key features of Interact Teams?

“Employees can create open, private or hidden teams and select from a range of features including; calendars, document areas, galleries, blogs and forums. Team owners can invite multiple co-workers to join teams, discover and join teams via the team directory or Interact Intranet’s intelligent search. Empowered team contributors can write team blogs on behalf of the team for all Interact intranet users to view or they can be restricted for team member updates only.”

How can Interact Teams help collaboration?

“All teams have an activity stream that publishes all team developments including comments on forums, documents added and pictures added to the gallery, so all team members stay informed and up-to-date. The duplicate team notification prevents replicate teams being created by automatically identifying existing teams.”

How does the collaborative image gallery work?

“The image gallery gives users the ability to upload multiple images in content areas, so they can share content with their peers through images. Each image has its own comment stream to boost internal collaboration and using Interact Intranet’s @tagging feature users can quickly tag others within photos. When somebody uploads an image, comments on an image or are tagged within an image they will see the activity shown on their individual profile feed.Images uploaded into the gallery will be pushed directly onto the intranet home page and galleries are discoverable through Interact Intranet’s intelligent search.”

What are the benefits of the improved Outlook Integration?

“The dedicated intranet home page widget streams data from the users Microsoft Outlook account directly into their intranet so they can view meetings and make live changes to tasks. Users can also search for Outlook tasks, filter by due date and action tasks. This feature means that crucial information is streamed into one space, saving valuable time. This is another step forward in bringing the intranet one step closer to the heart of the organisation.”

Tell us about the Twitter Widget

“The Twitter Widget feed integrates into Twitter’s real-time information network by pulling live tweets directly onto your intranet home pages. It can be configured to display tweets from a particular account, to search for a specific term or to combine both, so employees are kept up-to-date with trends specific to their industry, saving time and delivering valuable information directly to the intranet home page.”

Watch a video over-view of Interact Teams:

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