Use your intranet to engage volunteers and remote workers

Geoff Garcia, of March of Dimes, winner of the 2013 Interact Community Influence Award will be doing an online tour of his intranet, ‘Dimension’ to demonstrate great ways you can use your intranet to engage your volunteers and remote workers.

March of Dimes is a non-profit in America who support the health of mums and babies. Most significantly they help mums take charge of their health, and support families when something goes wrong.

They have created virtual communities on their intranet which has been particularly powerful as their nurses are often working in isolation from the rest of the charity. Their virtual community is made with many social tools including forums and a photo galleries, allowing them to share problems and stories with each other. This provides an opportunity for support and knowledge sharing to employees who would otherwise feel detached from the charity and their colleagues.

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Intranet communities like this could be beneficial to many non-profits, bringing together remote front line workers and providing the support they need.

Geoff Garcia, Intranet Manager at March of Dimes works as a part-time intranet resource and has managed to turn a good intranet into a great intranet in just 18 months. Their information architecture is featured in the renowned Nielsen Norman report.

The Neilsen Norman Group report guides Intranet Managers on how best to structure an intranet, how to design its navigation system, and how to run the Information Architecture aspects of the design process.

The benefits of great information architecture are ROI, high user satisfaction and improved employee productivity, as people find answers quicker than traditional methods. Employees waste inordinate amounts of time due to poor information findability. With a great information architecture users can easily navigate content and services to find the information they need.

Geoff will be sharing the secrets to his information architecture in an online tour of their intranet ‘Dimension’.

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