At Interact, we value communication above all else. The core of our mission is to help our customers communicate in new, valuable ways and in turn create new routes to productivity and happiness within their organizations. Our software’s features, from forums to intelligent search, all aid in stronger communication. We also value any learning we can do on the subject. To that end, we love searching for new sources of inspiration on internal communications. We go to events, talk with other influencers, and especially love reading blogs.

The internet is filled with information, and sometimes it can be difficult to find something helpful among all the noise. Luckily, we want to share our knowledge with you, dear reader. We love that you read our blog, but we’re under no illusion that this is the only helpful blog out there. So we have compiled a list of a few of our favorite blogs and websites out there on the subject of internal communications. We hope you enjoy, and please join the conversation on Twitter @IntranetExperts to let us know some of your personal favorites!

Ragan’s Internal Communications

Ragan’s Internal Communications is packed to the brim with tips and tricks for internal communicators. As a starting point, check out their 27 outstanding online tools for communicators.

Holtz Communication & Technology

Shel Holtz presents his own take on the communications sector – his Communications  + Technology blog; bookmarked by Internal Comms professionals old and new. It’s an indispensible guide that we think you ought to follow (if you aren’t already).

All Things IC

Rachel Miller’s All Things IC, was founded in 2009 with the intention of helping communications professionals and companies achieve excellence.


Change-Effect is run by HR industry veteran Neil Morrison, advocating a rethink to people management approach. This blog offers an interesting perspective on business challenges faced by all organizations, irrespective of size.


The Melcrum (soon to be known as CEB Communications) blog, and the wider business, carries the purpose of transforming internal communication into the driver of employee, team and business success.

It’s worth noting that the nature of communication is changing all the time. Communicating online is now old news for companies, and finding an organization that doesn’t utilize the internet would be an impressive feat. However, there continue to be technological innovations that push us to collaborate and share in new ways. These include the cloud and an army of enterprise level software solutions. This is a boon to businesses all over.

The blogs above are staying at the forefront of how we use these digital tools to improve our communication. Hopefully they’ll inspire some of you to innovate as well.

Happy Communicating!