The Value of the Social Intranet: Event review

The social intranet is fast becoming an essential tool for the majority of businesses in helping employees collaborate and perform better in their daily work. Last Wednesday Interact hosted our largest ever social intranet seminar in New York called, ‘The Value of Social: Improving Collaboration & Engagement on Your Intranet.’

The event, held at The Millennium Conference Center in New York featured a number of great speakers from the intranet world and was signed up to and attended by a number of companies including, Mastercard, Bloomberg, Deloitte, Citi Group and JP Morgan Chase.

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Enterprise Sales Director for Interact, Nick Lethbridge opened the seminar by discussing how social intranets benefit large enterprise companies and then highlighted the ways to go about successfully implementing collaborative tools that fit the needs of your employees.

He showed a video from collaborative speaker and entrepreneur, Kevin Jones that encapsulated how email is a dying business tool that costs companies on average $15,000 per user per year, however only 41% of emails are for information purposes only.

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Nick discussed the new ways in which people now work to carry out business tasks, using tools such as # and @tagging, discussion forums, blogs and crowd-sourcing tools, such as Interact Answers.

He gave an overview of how to plan your social journey which included:

  • Identifying key personnel in your company including stakeholders, key influencers and the ‘doers’ and getting their buy-in.
  • Showing them the benefits a social intranet can bring.
  • How to build internal excitement for the social intranet within your company:

Nick also discussed the importance of having an intelligent intranet. As the content on intranets swells, having an intranet that actually understands what you are interested in and then automatically delivers the content to you is essential. Just as Google and Amazon are able to intelligently present you with content they know is relevant to you, there is no reason why an intranet shouldn’t be able to intelligently push relevant content to the user to help them get their job done.

He showed how a modern intranet must be able to look at your connections, interactions, intranet behaviour and profile data and from this information, construct a Profile DNA that is unique to each intranet user. From looking at your Profile DNA, an intranet can then intelligently push relevant content to the user.

Nancy Goebel, Managing Director of the Digital Workplace Group discussed the developments in the digital workplace over the last 12 months and told us what we can expect for 2013.

Key points covered by Nancy:

  • The rise of social networking tools in our day to day lives has led to the same functionality being reflected on intranets but in a way that can help people get work done.
  • Employees now expect the tools they are used to using on social networking sites on their intranet.
  • Trends seen in the IBF membership is that intranets are becoming more social and people centric. Employees are looking to shift from ‘knowledge is power’ to people actually being recognised and rewarded for their contributions back into the system.
  • Users now expect to get answers to questions readily on their intranet and use tools including Interact Answers, discussion boards and knowledge banks.


Nancy Goebel, MD of the Digital Workplace Group presents

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Alan Brogdon, Chief Technology Officer for leading charity March of Dimes showcased their live intranet, discussing their intranet journey and how they have successfully used collaborative tools within Interact Intranet to increase user adoption.

Over the past week alone they had 20 blog posts, that encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration throughout their organisation.

They use statistics from the integrated analytics and benchmarking tool, Interact Analytics to see how many users are engaged with the intranet. He showed how 86% of their 1600 staff, based over 255 remote offices had visited the site in the last 30 days.

Alan Brogdon, Chief Technology Officer for leading charity March of Dimes showcased their live intranet

Jordan Zarin, Manager of Information Resources and Chris Strom, New Media and Social Networking Director from JCC Association demonstrated how they engage their 5000 members with their intranet through innovative marketing campaigns and use different collaborative tools to drive people to the site on a regular basis.

They used a video to launch their intranet into their company, which encapsulated the key benefits employees would gain from using the new system. To further engage inactive users they use the collaborative tools available within Interact Intranet, such as the Interact Teams module, to help break down silos within their company and encourage everyone across the organisation to work together using their intranet.

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 Attendees networking at The Value of Social Intranet event in New York

The event received great feedback with Jamie Parilla from JP Morgan Chase commenting:

“The seminar provided trends and cutting-edge information on how to include and add social collaborative networking into our intranet.

Nick’s opening session was especially useful to me and each of the best practice and IBF Trends. I will be sharing the presentations with my colleagues inside JP Morgan Corp.”

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