The 2013 Interact Excellence Award Winners

The winners of the 2013 Intranet Excellence Awards were announced last Tuesday during an exciting awards ceremony. The Interact Intranet Excellence Awards is the annual awards ceremony that celebrates the hard work of intranet managers in their efforts towards creating an essential intranet for their organisation.

Given the international successes of last year’s winners Glasgow Housing Association, Business Environment and Superdrug, many organisations are keenly watching to see which new front runners emerge from the class of 2013 to join these industry thought leaders. The judges were given the pleasure of uncovering the greatest from an exceptional field which saw double the entries of 2012 across three continents.

There were nine categories open to customers this year. Seven categories were decided by our team of judges, one voted for by customers during the Customer Workshop Day and one nominated by Interact. We will be speaking to all winners on upcoming webinars to share their knowledge and future plans.

Essential Intranet 2013

1st Bauer Media
2ndBusiness Environment
3rd Dollar Finance

The winner of our blue riband event, Essential Intranet 2013 was won by Genevieve Potter and Lauren Shepperson of Bauer Media. Bauer are famous for their publications, radio stations and online presence.


Genevieve & Lauren receive their award from Nigel Danson

Genevieve and Lauren’s work wowed our judges, as we commonly find with the majority of international organisations with multiple brands, it is very easy for employees to remain focussed within their particular product; if you have a need you ask someone within your brand. However Bauer’s intranet, Media Vine has evolved this culture into one of cross sharing knowledge leading to over 80% of all questions asked being answered by another brand or department.


Bauer Media’s Homepage

Their on-going ingenuity to engage and empower content administrators, social influencers and general users has offered a template for companies across every industry to consider. As they continue to enhance the self-serve functionality of their intranet, Media Vine is not just a place where employees have to go to complete tasks but one the vast majority of workers choose to go to share knowledge.

Essential Small Company Intranet 2013

1st The Royal College of Physicians
2ndSwan Housing
3rd American Golf

The Essential Small Company Intranet of 2013 is open to all customers with 500 employees or less. Entrants in this category were also able to enter Essential Intranet 2013 and the level of innovation and impact was noted by our judging panel. The Royal College of Physicians are the inaugural winners of this award. RCP’s intranet Parklife impressed judges with the pivotal role their intranet played during a business wide change programme with the ethos being ‘why isn’t this on the intranet?’


The Royal College of Physicians homepage

Social with a Purpose

1stInternational HIV/Aids Alliance
2nd G4S UK & Ireland
3rd Bauer Media

Anna Downie of International HIV / AIDS Alliance has led their intranet, INSPIRE, to be the winner of Social With a Purpose 2013. As a federated charity, it is often difficult to encourage individual countries to share great ideas and when the output of these great ideas considerably enhances education and treatment of AIDS, it is tough to argue with that purpose.

“It’s wonderful to be part of this amazing tool. We can exchange many things about our work and our activities that can help us to reinforce our values and convictions in the fight against AIDS.”

Paul Sagna, Chair of Alliance Nationale Contre le SIDA (ANCS), the Alliance partner organisation in Senegal.

The first blog written on the site was by the Senegalese Foundation discussing their work preventing the spread of the illness amongst intravenous drug users. Thanks to Interact’s tools, the Cambodian Federation were able to use the translation tool to not just read this information but establish a joint partnership to share knowledge and formalise good practice both could follow.

A blog written by a volunteer on the International HIV / AIDS Alliance intranet

Best Intranet Launch

1st CrossCountry
2nd Bauer Media
3rd Havens Hospices

CrossCountry’s Kate Barnes and Malcom Cotterell won the Best Launch award for their intranet XCConnect. Some companies consider front line workers when launching their intranet, but great companies get their hands dirty in the field, understanding what problems look like from a front line worker’s perspective, speak in their terms and about their needs. With thorough investigation followed by workshops and one-to-one sessions across the UK to take the intranet to their frontline workers workplace, it heavily resonated with the idea ‘this is for us’. Coupled with Kate and Malc’s ingenuity and enthusiasm, it is no surprise to us that CrossCountry already have a highly adopted intranet.

Best Intranet Brand 2013

1stMidlands Co-operative Society
2ndBusiness Environment

Midlands Cooperative announced their first year in the awards by winning Best Brand. Their brand was instantly recognisable to users as part of the Co-operative Group through their colours, layout and language. However subtle changes to the group brand instantly help users identify with the Midlands regional aspect. Supported by a clean, engaging design Midlands Co-operative is a leading example of how to create a great intranet brand.

The X Factor – Intranet Manager of the Year Award 2013

1stChristopher Peters Bond – Gwalia
2ndMalcolm Cotterell and Kate Barnes – CrossCountry
3rdGeoff Garcia – March of Dimes

Chris Peters-Bond of Gwalia won the hearts of our voting audience on the first day’s workshop to scoop X Factor Intranet Manager. His serialisation of his challenges and solutions had the audience laughing and learning from start to finish.


Chris Peters-Bond accepting his award from Nigel Danson

He managed to edge out the similarly brilliant Malc and Kate from CrossCountry (think Richard and Judy but better…Holly and Phil maybe?) and the animated incarnation of Geoff Garcia from March of Dimes, both of which were excellent, good enough in their own right to win. Geoff Garcia was not to be stopped for long though.

Community Influencer

Geoff Garcia – March of Dimes

Geoff Garcia won the Interact nominated Community Influencer of the Year for his superb work documenting both March of Dimes’ work and helping others to not just solve their problems, but reconsider them to create a better solution.

Most Innovative Intranet 2013

1st March of Dimes
2nd Romec
3rd CrossCountry

This innovative thinking also saw March of Dimes scoop Most Innovative Intranet 2013. Like many companies, March of Dimes has numerous standalone systems implemented to specifically meet a need. Sometimes the complexity of these does not lend itself to integrating with an intranet. However Geoff used Interact API to create various dashboards and short cuts into these systems via the intranet, ensuring their intranet is the central place employees, volunteers and donors come to complete their tasks.

Perfect Blend Homepage 2013

1st Gwalia
2nd Bauer Media
3rd March of Dimes

Barely had Chris made himself comfortable again, before his was up to collect our final prize, the Perfect Blend Homepage award for their recently released, redesigned homepage.


Gwalia’s Winning Homepage

Our judges wanted to see evidence of a homepage facilitated both users’ key demands and met the intranet’s objectives. The homepage of The Wall, Gwalia’s intranet, offers a layout and blend of needs which is very easy for the first time user to quickly adopt and use whilst providing personalised reference for all employees.

Thank you to all our customers for their hard work and such brilliant entries, we learn so much ever year from the interesting ways people use Interact Intranet.