Take intelligence to the next level with the launch of Interact Intranet 7.6

How easy is it these days to find the information you are looking for? I can go on any number of websites or social platforms in my personal time and access information that answers my questions, find people that I share a common interest with or a product that complements a previous purchase. Most of the time I don’t even need to search because these sites know me based on past behaviour, so only recommend relevant things to me. It’s the perfect relationship in a time poor world! So why doesn’t the same thing happen at work? With our latest release of Interact, we’re helping to make this a reality.

Intelligent Intranet is not just a strapline for us, our Intelligence Store is what makes our intranet software different to others. This unique feature tracks user behaviour to improve content visibility, search and collaboration.

Interact’s latest release contains an array of enhancements to our Intelligence Store which connects you to the content, people and expertise that will help you to get your work done – fast.

How does this work? Let me introduce you to our top three features from Interact 7.6 that will turn your intranet into an information juggernaut, whilst still maintaining its easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

1. Reveal your hidden experts with Interact Answers

Finding the right answer to your question can be a time consuming task, not least trying to find the correct person to answer that question. Interact Answers gives you more ways of uncovering experts in your organisation so your questions get answered by the right person first time.

If a question can’t be answered by information already stored within your intranet, Interact Answers recommends experts best placed to respond based on information in their profile. This helps users to quickly access the information they need, whilst the answer is stored for instant response to similar questions in the future, saving time and avoiding repetition.

Interact Answers is further enriched by Suggest Expertise – new functionality that recommends expertise that users may want to add to their profile. By following user interactions such as questions answered in forums or blogs they have written, Interact identifies expertise that it thinks would enhance that person’s profile. This expands your expertise pool, enriching the intranet, and engaging more people.

2. Have your most popular information at the top of the list with Interact Best Bets

Being confronted with too much information can be almost as bad as no information. Trawling through an endless list of search results is frustrating and who has the time for that? Wouldn’t it be great if the most relevant content for this question was highlighted so you could quickly find it? Interact Best Bets does exactly that, it is your digital content highlighter.

Interact Best Bets takes the guess work out of identifying the content most likely help, ranking it top of search and highlighting it as a Best Bet.

Interact’s intelligence engine will even do some thinking for admin, by suggesting possible Best Bet content. If a search against a word or term has led to users to a page more than three times in ninety days, Interact will alert you by suggesting it as a Best Bet, allowing you to have an even more effective intranet without it becoming a major admin task.

3. Never miss key information again with Interact Suggests

Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you find some information that you didn’t know existed but it’s too late to use it. The ‘if only’ effect can be soul destroying but unavoidable unless you keep repeating the same tasks day after day. Interact 7.6 has a clever little feature called Interact Suggests which takes the pain out of keeping up-to-date with information you need to know.

Interact Suggests uses the intelligence captured from a person’s behaviour on their intranet such as forums they are active on, questions they have answered and blogs they have read or liked, to identify and present relevant information. And because Interact knows when someone has read a piece of content, it will only ever present information a user has yet to discover.

Interact Suggests

It’s not just content that Interact suggests, but also people that you may want to follow. A familiar feature in LinkedIn, this feature helps to connect users to people they may not work directly with, but with whom they share a common interest of area of expertise. Connecting with new people encourages collaboration and reduces silos – be that geographic or function, and helps to increase engagement.

Visit the 7.6 web page for more information on the fantastic features in this latest release.