Tag You’re It! Intranet Content Tags Are Winners!

Remember the child’s game called Tag? One person got to chase other kids around until one was physically “tagged” with a touch of the hand and the words, “You’re it!” Then that person got to chase everyone around. That is how you can think of content tags. They are words that make it possible for intranet users to find desired content. When the search “touches” on a tag and finds what it likes then the content is turned into a search result.

That may be a simplistic description of internet content tags, but the quality of tags can make a big difference in the quality of the search results. Interact intranet tags are tools for marking content so when the user is chasing specific information, the right content becomes “it”. In fact, tags also make it possible to locate information on a particular topic.

Interact has spent considerable effort building an intranet system that makes content tagging productive. It uses the Intelligence Store to collect user feedback, identify common search words and produce information that system managers can use to improve tags and thus search results.

Interact Intranet has a number of tag or keyword features that enable the system to be continually improved even as it produces useful content.

  1. Built-In Thesaurus –A thesaurus relates words so it’s a perfect tool to apply to tagging. The built-in thesaurus identifies words, acronyms and terms that are linked in meaning so users can input one keyword and then be prompted by the system as to whether other keywords would generate better information.

The prompting is generated in a couple of ways. Someone writing content may choose particular tags or keyword phrases. If it is not the most common search word users will input, the intranet system will prompt the user to consider different or additional tag words.

On the content user end, a search using a particular word may generate a prompt that queries, “Did you mean XXXX?” along with a link to the new keywords.

  1. User Keyword Input –Sometimes the users know better than the system developers. Intranet added a feature whereby users can actually suggest new keywords to use in a keyword cloud.
  2. Keyword Logging –Interact Intranet logs keyword searches. This enables content managers to identify common user keywords for the purpose of educating content writers on how to write better content.
  3. Interactive Tagging of User Content –The Intelligence Store will use the logged keywords to make keyword suggestions so that content can be tagged with the most frequently used search keywords.

Interact has gone to great lengths to insure the tagging process is as worry free, effective and productive as possible.