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  • Failure is Your Friend – Embrace It!

    Kevin Jones is a social and organisational strategist, speaker and entrepreneur. Among other endeavors, he is NASA’s social media strategist. He blogs and creates videos about working differently at We often hide from failures are are ashamed of […] Read More

    by Kevin Jones 7 years ago

  • Enterprise 2.0 Conference – Day two summary

    The keynotes at Enterprise 2.0 were outstanding on day two.  The day was kick started by Lee Bryant (@leebryant) from Headshift.  His talk titled data driven business improvement gave a real insight into how open data in […] Read More

    Nigel Danson
    by Nigel Danson 7 years ago

  • Top Tip – Introduce users to your intranet

    An intranet is such a versatile, powerful and flexible business tool that when the intranet manager is looking at their shiny new platform for company collaboration and knowledge sharing, they can often find it hard […] Read More

    Sara Burgess
    by Sara Burgess 7 years ago

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