New intelligent tagging features in Interact Intranet version 4.7

The Interact team is currently at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara showcasing the very latest features in Interact Intranet version 4.7. But if you’re not in the area and can’t visit us at stand #311, here is just a few of the many clever tools we have released in the latest version of Interact Intranet.

So what’s new in version 4.7?

First of all we have the @tagging feature. This clever tool extends the benefits of Interact Intranet’s ‘Clever Linker‘ tool, which was released earlier this year to provide a quick and easy method for content authors to link to other content within Interact Intranet including documents, events and people. Typing ‘@’ before any word launches a dynamic instant search for content within the intranet making it even easier to create internal links with no need for a complicated interface. It enhances intranet content and increases user engagement.

In addition to the @tagging, we have also added #tagging functionality to Interact Intranet. This tool gives intranet content authors and commenters the ability to add keywords to almost any searchable content such as blogs, discussion boards and individual user comments, thus creating greater context. #tags automatically appear as a hyperlink to information relating to the #tag and are ranked higher in search results than conventional word searches.

Also included in the release is a new Shared Folder Search. This integrates with Microsoft Indexing Services and Microsoft Windows Search Services and enables users to search multiple repositories using a single search interface within Interact Intranet. Users can very quickly and easily search for both the ‘Title’ and ‘Content’ of centrally held files such as PDF’s, Word, Excel, and Visio documents.

In addition, a revision to the Active Directory Sync Tool provides better support for enterprise level customers making it more effective and user friendly. Recent work with clients such as Romec, Admiral and ADT resulted in the development of this enhanced tool that allows synchronization and updating of user details from Active Directory straight to the intranet. It will work with multiple domains and will synchronize locations, company membership details and detailed information which has been stored on the Active Directory.

Is that it?

No way! Version 4.7 is packed with lots of useful features. We will be blogging more about them over the coming weeks. In the meantime, why not let one of our intranet experts give you a guided tour?

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