5 ways to claim the NBA finals are relevant to your job

“Tis the season! Chef Curry is in the kitchen cooking up a storm, and Lebron is trying desperately to seem likeable. You can smell the excitement in the air. You should be concentrating all your energy on prepping for the NBA Finals – memorizing stats, scoping out which bar has the biggest television, staying the heck out of Draymond Green’s way. Alas, you’re at work with your boss looking over your shoulder, unable to read articles or watch highlights. There’s got to be another way. As your mind begins to wander, you think to yourself, “Why can’t I just get paid to watch basketball?”

But maybe you can…

Here are our top 5 thinly veiled excuses to give your boss why all of a sudden, the NBA is very relevant to your job.

  1. Employee engagement

    The happier you are, the better you can work! Or taking occasional breaks is actually good for your brain. Something like that.

  2. Communication skills

    The Warriors are widely considered to be the greatest team of all time, and to become the greatest they needed impeccable communication. Watching them will imbue you with those communication skills. And also somehow teach you to transfer them to your day job.

  3. Being a team player

    Your boss always talks about being a team player. Get in the proper mindset so you and your work team can score big on your current project.

  4. Sales

    So what if you actually work in engineering? One day you may meet a prospective customer, and on that day, so help you God, you’ll win them over with your shared love of pro ball.

  5. Because your boss probably wants to watch the NBA Finals too

    Come on, it’s one day out of the year. Live a little!