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Linking to intranet content quickly with @tags

@tagging is the latest addition to the clever tools that make connecting content easy and will feature in the new Interact Intranet service release in November. This feature extends the benefits of Interact Intranet’s ‘Clever linker‘ tool, which was released earlier this year to provide a quick and easy method for content authors to link to other content within Interact Intranet including documents, events and people.

@tagging interact intranet software

@tagging interact intranet software

With @tagging users can tag other users, documents or events with their own comments. Whether a user is posting within their own feed, a colleague’s or commenting on a document or blog, the @tagging collaboration feature provides an inline (rather than a conventional popup window) interface to tag, making it much easier to link to other parts of the intranet. It makes it simple for users to create these links with no need for a complicated interface.

This innovative feature provides a greater level of context to a user’s content and enables Interact Intranet to automatically notify the tagged user via the alerts system and update the tagged user’s activity feed displaying the recent tagging.


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