Check Out Interact Version 4.6 Enhancements to See how Mobile Access Just Got More Collaborative!

Change can be good, especially when the change takes mobile to a new level enabling more efficient staff collaboration and speedier information processing. The new Interact version 4.6 enhancements set the standards for mobile information management enabling staff to collaborate with ease and in privacy.

The new features incorporated in these enhancements are in response to a user survey. These aren’t pie-in-sky features. They are exactly what people asked for in order to stay in mobile contact with office staff while improving competitiveness. Check out the new features and read for yourself how mobile collaboration and communication can benefit you.


Business Collaboration through the Staff Directory

The Interact People Directory feature was already outstanding, but now it has incorporated Enterprise Networking tools leading to a whole new level of communication. The new feature allows micro-posts and news feeds to be added in the same style as quick entries made in Facebook or LinkedIn.

These micro-posts can keep your staff enthused and excited about being part of a successful team. Those listed in the People Directory can post new ideas or make helpful suggestions. It also allows them to make comments on existing micro-posts or simply keep track of what people are working on in the way of new projects or current assignments.

Got a question? Just enter a micro-post and see how fast and efficiently you can get an answer from multiple staff members! Have a document you want to share? Make it accessible through Interact’s collaborative People Directory. Landed a new customer? Let the department know with a posted bit of information.

Business Intelligence Gets Clever with Clever Linker

Interact 4.6 also made mobile knowledge sharing more intelligent with ‘Clever Linker’. Instead of random bits of information you can now link to different types of information on the office intranet. For example, sales staff can link to marketing staff and create the perfect customer oriented setup.

You can link to people, documents, articles, posted projects and much more. Intelligent Search gives you the ability to locate any information stored on the intranet and make it easily retrievable.

But it gets even better when you understand the full Interact 4.6 functionality. Intelligent mobile access brings you the ability to just hover over a name in the staff directory and see all the information that person has posted. You can quickly retrieve contact information so you don’t waste time fumbling around for phone numbers or email addresses.

Business Privacy When You Need It!

If you want to contact just one person through their profile to send them a private message, all you need to do is click the profile and then chose the ‘only this person’ message board option. This keeps your message private which is the way some messages need to be.

The new features on Interact 4.6 bring you business collaboration, intelligence and privacy. What a great combination!