Interact Mobile Turns the Intranet into an Extra-Net

Do you have staff that spend most of their work time roaming outside the office? Do they need to have access to the information stored on your intranet?

If you have answered yes to both of these questions then you need Interact Mobile. Interact Mobile lets the staff working outside the office use their cell or smartphones to access the key information stored on the office computer so they can answer customer questions, makes sales on the spot, or contribute current information during a meeting.

Employees who are out talking to customers, attending meetings or promoting new products and ideas need access to the best information and company staff on an ongoing basis. Interact Mobile connects those outside the office with those remaining in-house by enabling the outside personnel to access all the information stored on the office computer system. Mobile phone users can gain access to the information by using the menu that makes choices simple or by using a search engine feature enabling customized information gathering.


Leave the Briefcase at the Office

The days of carrying paper filled briefcases are just a memory with this new technology. Office staff have access to any data or information on the intranet no matter where they are roaming. Forgot the sales report? Need to answer a question you weren’t expecting? It’s no problem because the information is instantly accessible simply by using Interact Mobile.

Making Interact Mobile even more advantageous is the fact you can communicate and collaborate with the best minds in your company via the intranet. Through intranet collaboration, in-house and roaming staff can interact so that everyone within the organization participates fully in its success. Interact Mobile makes it possible for staff to contribute new ideas and solutions to problems that would otherwise be unheard.

Access Important Information When You Need It

Interact Mobile lets any authorized personnel access the intranet information they need to do their job no matter where they are located at the time they need it. This is a major breakthrough in office communication because there’s easy access to a variety of information and the controls are set by management.

Users can upload files or read HTML documents. They can access blogs or hyperlinks or read stored office files in a variety of formats. Staff needing to check in regularly with the home office can easily do so with Interact Mobile. Even staff not technically inclined will find Intranet Mobile easy to use.

Because people have preferences when it comes to mobile access, Intranet Mobile was also designed to accommodate different mobile devices and platforms. You may prefer a smartphone, a simple cell phone or a PDA, and Interact Mobile will work. It is compatible with devices running Windows, Apple or Android software. It doesn’t matter if you carry an Apple iPhone, a RIM Blackberry, an Android Smartphone, or a phone with Windows Mobile because Interact Mobile will work.

Interact Mobile is flexible and accommodating software that lets management decide what information is accessible outside the office. Access to data, files, documents and information can be turned off and on as needed.

Interact Mobile gives enables staff to interface no matter where they may be located at the moment. This is innovative software that keeps the office connected through information sharing even if some of the staff just happens to be on the road. And isn’t that the way it should be?