Your working life just got a whole lot easier with Interact Intranet 7.5

The easiest intranet in the world has landed with the launch of Interact Intranet 7.5. This latest release of our intelligent intranet software incorporates over 100 small changes to make one big difference – an intranet that is simple to use and helps people get work done. How did we do this? Basically you (our customers) talked and we listened. Over the last 3 to 4 years since we launched our own community we have been listening to what you need to make your life easier and you’ve had quite a lot of ideas over that time – 494 to be exact!

With Interact Intranet 7.5 we’ve tailored and optimised all of our intelligent features and functions to bring you an intranet that allows you to:

  • Collaborate effectively
  • Work more productively
  • Communicate efficiently

But most of all do it EASILY!

Why is ease of use so important? Everyone has been talking about the lack of time and the increasing need for tools that make it simple to collaborate. If businesses are going to encourage people to share knowledge they need to make it as simple as possible. This was highlighted at the recent Gartner Portals, Content and Collaboration Summit in London and something that resonates with what we at Interact have constantly strived to achieve.

We are so excited about the release of Interact Intranet 7.5 and here are the top 5 reasons why we think you’re going to love it to.

1. Fantastic ideas unearthed – no digging required!

Discovering new ideas to improve your business be it customer service, sales processes or HR can be difficult. Even with an active intranet where people regularly share information, it can be tough to find the ideas amongst the noise and then identify the great ones. With Interact 7.5 we’ve made it so easy for you to not only see all of the ideas in one place but can also quickly identify if they are great or not!

Our brand new Ideas List allows you to see all ideas in one easy to read list that shows each idea and if they’ve been voted up or down so you can quickly identify the most popular ones.

See Ideas List in action:

And now thanks to our brand new Forums Widget you can see all of these ideas displayed on your homepage, making it simple for people to vote and giving you greater confidence when selecting the best ideas. Why would this need to go on the homepage? Research suggests that there is an 80% higher chance of users finding information if it is displayed on the homepage so this homepage widget allows you to bring ideas to your user’s attention.

This Widget isn’t just for ideas. It also displays other Forums such as discussions and questions on your homepage, improving their overall visibility to aid collaboration and knowledge sharing across your business.

2. Great looking and engaging content without a degree in graphic design

Maintaining the look and feel of your intranet can be time consuming. Content needs to be presented in an engaging and consistent manner to ensure it meets the needs of your users.

Interact 7.5 has a great new Page Templates feature to take the hard work out of getting new content online. Content Authors no longer have to spend time building pages from scratch as you can now create pre-defined templates for all of your content, ensuring continuity across your intranet.

See Page Templates in action:

The intelligent enhancements we have made to our Media Manager now makes it even easier for you to incorporate rich media into your intranet without the need for access to image software. The increased functionality means that positioning and resizing images is done within the Media Manager, making it so simple that even the least technical of users could do it.

3. Breaking down silos and building communities for collaboration

Working in silos is one thing that almost everyone in a company can hold their hand up and say they do or have done. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, whether you have multiple sites or just the one office, people find their comfort zone and don’t move outside of it.

Our new Meet the Team widget is a great way to visually display particular groups of people in your company, connecting users and helping them to build new relationships outside of their current circle of trust. Being able to visually see people and the teams or departments they belong to removes some of the anxiety people have towards new relationships, breaking down silos and aiding the adoption of collaboration.

Meet the Team uses Interact’s intelligent group structure so you can easily select people based on their location, department or team easily. The information displayed for each person is also customisable so you can pick and choose what information to show; such as a bio, influence score and number of followers.

See Meet the Team in action:

4. Achieve success by engaging with the right experts

How do you get to know someone beyond their job title? How do you understand where they could potentially have the experience or knowledge to help someone else achieve success? It can be pretty difficult, after all a job title only describes the role at a high level and doesn’t give you any overview of what that person may have done in previous job roles.

Interact 7.5 has made it easy for you to identify expertise and knowledge direct from a user’s profile page by displaying their 5 most recent blogs, forum posts and pages they have created. From this information you can then quickly identify if they have the right skill set for a particular project, maximising the chance for success at every opportunity.

Our intelligent search functionality also helps to aid in uncovering all of the specialist knowledge your users possess by pulling all of the content a particular user has contributed to the intranet giving you the opportunity to view all.

latest content

5. Making sure content always finds people

You’ve got your content on your intranet so everyone will see it right? In an ideal world, yes this would happen. Everyone would read every piece of mandatory content the minute it becomes available. Unfortunately, work can get in the way and some things slip between the cracks.

Interact 7.5 now has Email Digest functionality which allows you to set up daily, weekly or monthly emails of relevant content from your intranet including mandatory reads to ensure it reaches the right audiences. By using digests you are also aiding adoption of your intranet by reminding users of the useful content they will find on there.

The content displayed in this new email digest is unique to each user, using Interact’s Intelligence Store to pull relevant content tailored based on their previous searches, interactions etc so that users never miss out on content that is relevant to them.

Email digest

Interact 7.5 has lots of other smaller features that have been developed to make your working life easier – you can now watch the forums or threads you are interested in without having to post in them. New users can be imported from excel making it even easier for you add new users -we even have an excel template all set up for you and ready to use.

Uncover the full potential of Interact 7.5 and start making your life easier!