Interact announces Interact Answers, a unique collaboration feature available exclusively on Interact Intranet

Interact, a leading supplier in intelligent intranet software, today announced the release of Interact Answers – an innovative and unique new crowd-sourcing feature which drives productivity by allowing users to post questions on the intranet and receive accurate solutions, using Interact Intranet’s intelligence store and the knowledge of other users.

The easy-to-use feature is available in the core system of Interact Intranet version 4.8. Once a user posts a question on the intranet, Interact Answers will attempt to provide a solution to the question. It firstly uses its intelligent capabilities to supply information that it thinks will answer the question, then Interact Answers will recommend colleagues within the company it believes can help with the question. These ‘experts’ are notified of the question and the question is then open for all employees to answer.

Interact Answers drives internal collaboration as all employees begin to collaborate to answer the question successfully and it unlocks knowledge in the company. Interact Answers prevents relying on internal emails to ask questions, where the answers can be quickly lost and the right answer is not guaranteed. Productivity is boosted as less time is spent searching for answers and it also allows staff to ask an open question to the company if they are not sure who to direct the question to.

Simon Dance, Product Manager comments:

“Interact Answers is an intelligent collaboration feature that grows the more it is used. As users begin to answer questions, a knowledge store is created so vital company information can’t be lost and can be easily searched for.

“What makes this feature unique is that Interact Answers intelligently suggests solutions to the questions asked, using the information already contained within the intranet. It then goes one step further by recommending an expert within the company it believes can help you with that answer.”

Watch a short video of how Interact Answers works:

[youtube 7IOt7PX0RG8 634 380]