How to effectively connect an International Small Business – Silver Chef Live Tour

To say Amanda Robinson has had a phenomenal impact in her short time at Silver Chef would be an understatement. With 230 employees including remote workers across Australia, New Zealand and Canada, Silver Chef were faced with some communication and engagement challenges to overcome.

As many organisations who grow rapidly struggle to keep their identity and culture, Amanda explains in this live tour how Silver Chef have ensured their values are lived and not just laminated by embedding their culture into peer to peer rewards rather than a motto stuck up on an office wall. This shift in culture saw over 50% of employees already adding content to The Village within six months of launch.

As ‘The Village’ celebrates its first birthday, Amanda discusses why new starters are so readily adopting it as the vehicle for their on-boarding process, reducing the need for local HR teams.

Further to this, Amanda explains how she has positioned ‘The Village’ in such a way that the Silver Chef board view it as a valuable asset with their MD, Allan English, describing it as “the best project of 2014”.

This live tour shows what collaboration can look like in a multinational, from the established Australian and New Zealand territories through to their newer Canadian office. ‘The Village’ provides a template which gives guidance without stifling innovation and removing the traditional timezone challenges.

Join Amanda Robinson as she guides you around Silver Chef’s intranet ‘The Village’, highlighting which of Interact’s tools she finds essential and showcasing why they were awarded Interact’s “Essential Small Business Intranet of 2014”.

Finally keep an eye out to solve the mystery of who or what is Collin?

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