How our new intranet Knowlesy came to be…

Guest blog from Nicky Hedges who is the IT Manager at Swagelok. They recently launched their new intranet ‘Knowlesy’. Here is the great story of how Knowlesy came to be…

“As in most organisations, our biggest internal criticism was communication. We decided that our own intranet system was the perfect way to address this issue and wanted to involve all staff in the naming process in order to give them a sense of ‘ownership’ and involvement in the project. Many names were discussed but the one that kept being mentioned was Knowlesy. The reason for this is quite simple. Ian Knowles has been an employee of our organisation for over 30 years and has been the ‘go to’ guy for most information during that time. In essence, he was the ‘intranet’ for our company in human form! It was decided that it would be a fitting tribute to Ian to name the Intranet site after him as he is retiring in August this year. This way his legacy will live on in the company.

We worked with an external design company to create our logo based on Ian, to provide an ongoing talking point, both for existing staff and for new staff joining the company. This also helps break up the site and allows us to draw attention to areas in a different way.

Knowlesy Cake

The picture above is a photo from our launch party that we held to introduce Knowlesy to the rest of the company. We also had cups and notepads printed, mini Knowlesy stickers made and a 6ft cardboard Knowlesy model made to help get the message out there!

Our future development of Knowlesy is based around several modules including the Absence Management tool and the Workflow and Forms tool. We also have an additional site to roll it out to.

Long live Knowlesy!”

From Scott Hitchins – Intranet Expert and VP of Business Development at Interact:

This is a fantastic story about how intranets can be branded and given a real identity that means something to employees of an organisation. Often during the planning process of an intranet there is a debate on whether the intranet should be named and branded at all.

This is something that has been discussed many times at Interact and by other intranet experts. Jonathan Phillips discussed this back in March on the Intranetizen blog post ‘what’s in an intranet name’.

At Interact we believe that the right name and brand can really help both in an intranet launch and for continued traction amongst employees. As Amanda Boomhall (of Step Two Designs) pointed out back in 2008, “Having a catchy and memorable intranet name is a great way of promoting the intranet.”

Having a short, snappy name that relates directly to the organisations goals is essential. Intranet Matters posted a large list of names used, which can be very handy for researching this topic for your intranet.

This name and brand however is nothing without getting the basics right first. Does the intranet meet your business objectives and help your employees get work done? If it doesn’t, the name can become a stigma. A term that becomes synonymous with something of poor quality.

**If you have a great story about how you named your intranet please share it with us below.