How HMV’s Intranet Reduced HR Phone Enquiries by 50%

Intranets are as personal to a company as the staff who work there. No two intranets are ever the same as each one dutifully caters for their audience’s unique requirements and with the dynamic demands of companies today, it is imperative an intranet can cope with these requests. We’ve seen a great example of how you can really make your intranet work for you in one of our customers -HMV’s intranet. Called ‘Ask HR’, this clever feature uses an intelligent ‘Google-like’ search option, which helps users answer all of their HR related issues. If the service cannot find the answer online they then have the option to log their enquiry directly to the HR team.

Ask HR

HMV’s feature Ask HR

Clare Bowers, HMV’s Intranet Manager comments:

The beauty of our online service is that we can build and develop it based on the questions asked, ensuring the site is always current and relevant, thus continuously reducing the need for queries to be logged.”

Not only is ‘Ask HR’ providing a trusted service to HMV staff but it is also driving work efficiency and encouraging user engagement with the intranet. Since implementing this personalised service, the ‘Ask HR’ feature has resulted in 97 per cent of online queries being responded to within a set SLA of one hour and has led to a 50% reduction in service desk phone enquiries, boosting employee productivity as the HR team are free to concentrate on more pressing business matters. Following this success, HMV are planning to roll out the feature out to other areas of the business.

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