How a Housing Association intranet turned business problems into opportunities

In this 3 minute video we talk to Wendy Jordan, Internal Communications Executive and Intranet Manager at Glasgow Housing Association about the amazing benefits the company has seen since going live with Interact Intranet just 12 months ago.

Before using Interact Intranet, Glasgow Housing Association – part of the Wheatley Housing Group, were using an old system that was built in Dreamweaver, which was so difficult to create pages in that it fell to one person. Over time, with neglect and an inability to search, catalogue or delete out of date content, it became an all too familiar ‘dumping ground’ where 10,000’s of documents simply came to die.

Since changing to Interact Intranet, Glasgow Housing Association now has a dynamic hub of collaboration and knowledge sharing for their intranet that has completely revolutionised internal communications in their company.

Think Yes!

An innovative way Glasgow Housing Association have been using their intranet, aptly named ‘Holmes’ to benefit their business is with their ‘Think Yes’ page, which has boosted their enterprise-wide collaborative behaviour.

Staff are asked for stories of how they are ‘thinking yes’ to their customers making the business open and transparent. They also ask staff for the reasons they may feel they are unable to help their customers and then they collaborate to try and remove the problem. This purposeful collaboration ensures they continue to deliver the best service possible to their customers and stay ahead of competitors.

They also have fantastic intranet statistics – showing that 88% of GHA staff visit their intranet every day, more than eight times a day – proving that all desk based staff and a large proportion of their mobile and warden staff are using Holmes daily.

Award Winning

The GHA intranet has gone on to win many awards including three awards in internal communications, including the Intranet Excellence Award for Best Overall Intranet and Best Intranet Design in 2012. They were also awarded Best Online Employee Site 2013 by IoIC Scotland and they’re also a recipient of the Ragan Award for Best Value to Employees, defeating Disney and Arab Emirates.

Wendy will be talking at Interaction 2013 in September about how she achieved an award-winning intranet for her company, offering tips and advice you can try with your intranet. Find out more and book your ticket