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Highlights of Day 1 at the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Paris

This week Paris is hosting the Enterprise 2.0 Summit bringing together experts from across Europe and the World sharing their experiences of social media adoption.

The opening keynote from Rawn Shah of IBM (@rawn) and Yves Caseau of Bouygues Telecom tackled the challenge of how the use of social tools creates value in the Enterprise. Some interesting key points here included:

  • Those who adopt 2.0 fastest need it the least. Companies adverse to 2.0 should start small and practice and share their outcomes.
  • Collaboration promotes transparency and honesty. You should cherish mistakes and see them as an opportunity.
  • Team collaboration is the future, and the key to solving cross-silo interaction problems.
  • To solve complex problems, you don’t just need the managers and the experts, you need the “do-ers”

Luis Suarez of IBM (@elsua) then chaired a panel on Social Maturity Strategies discussing:

  • Guidelines – Ensure your workforce understand the tools available to them, and the possibilities they bring.
  • Trust – Empower your workforce to feel free to collaborate and challenge processes with new ideas.
  • Social – Encourage the use of private social media teams as they create value in an organisation by opening up cross departmental barriers – a great icebreaker!

You can follow mine and Rachel’s thoughts on the conference by following us on twitter @darrennadin and @rachelmccourty and following the hash tag #e20s, or view my Google + page.


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