Give your intranet a life of its own

Your intranet is an evolving hub of information that should take on a life of its own. One of the most effective ways to do this is to take time to explore all of the possibilities available with your intranet design and your intranet’s name.

Your intranet solution should sustain your organisation’s identity but it should be different to your corporate website. A separate identity is crucial for user adoption and so that employees recognise this is a tool specifically for them.

Organisations who replace a failed or outdated intranet with a new system can find it difficult to motivate and re-engage staff with the new tool. No matter how different the intranet software is, it can easily be tarred with the same brush. Give your intranet a brand – a name which uniquely identifies it so users stop thinking of all intranets as being equal.

Create an intranet name that gives your intranet an identity which can then transcend into the design. The Interact intranet is called ‘Homer’ and this is reflected all over our intranet. Our peer-to-peer recognition tool – Interact Rewards lets us give ‘doughnuts’ to other members of staff, instead of points. You can take the theme as far as you like!

Some of the names that have been used by our clients include anagrams such as:

  • ‘Yeti’ (Your Electronic access To Information)
  • ‘Elaine’ (Electronic Accessible Information Network)

To more concept driven names such as:

  • ‘The Passion’
  • ‘Connect’
  • ‘The Hub’
  • ‘The Group Vine’

Through to purely fun names such as:

  • ‘Westie’ (with their character being a little white westie dog)
  • ‘Merlin’
  • ‘The Fridge’

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American Golf, Europe’s largest golf retailer has really embraced their intranet design and have extended their company brand throughout. They ran an internal competition to decide on the name ‘Clubhouse’ which was decided upon as it’s the place on any golf course where you can find information, share information and communicate. They have also developed a character called ‘Golfy’ who comes in various designs relevant to the section he appears on.

Arriva, is one of the largest transport services organisations in Europe, employing around 47,500 people. It delivers more than 1.5 billion passenger journeys across 12 European countries every year. They called their intranet ‘Connect’ – as it coincides with their core business ethos to connect people around the world. It also links to the intelligence store which is at the heart of Interact Intranet, connects content to people, people to experts and answers to questions. The transport theme is reflected in the design elements throughout the whole of the intranet.

Fashion retailer, Republic were awarded first prize in our annual Intranet Excellence Awards for their amazing looking intranet called Reptile. They have a ‘one-click’ infrastructure and the incorporate a white ceramic title wall in the design, which is a prominent feature in the Republic brand. They also make use of a competitive element of the departmental homepages in terms of layout, content and use of design.

Grwp Gwalia Cyf, a housing association and care provider based in South and Mid-wales called their intranet; Y Wall|The Wall. They decided on this name as it represented the housing element of the organisation and it acts as a metaphor for their support services. A characterful brick background frames content, with a street sign acting as the site’s logo, which gives the intranet its own brand identity emphasising a community feel aimed at bringing the different elements of Gwalia together.

Waterstones chose the name Compass for their intranet so they could drive home the message that with this new software internal communications had a new purpose. To help their 1000+ staff ‘find their way’ back to the corporate brand after many years of store communication being reduced to erratic, brief email updates.Compass is now an immensely active intranet with 75% of users visiting it daily and is now the first place people turn to when they need information or to review the last book they read.

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