An effective collaborative intranet – your business but on a really good day

I often speak to prospective customers and practitioners within LinkedIn’s intranet groups who say they battle to get their intranet seen as a business priority by their board or stakeholders who typically prioritise external facing projects.

Those I work with often struggle to capture the benefits of an effective collaborative intranet in a short memorable way for the stakeholders or board; well here’s the answer:

“an effective intranet is us but on a really good day.”

(with a nod to Berocca’s Marketing Department for the slogan)

It is a central place where people can get the information or help they need to get their work completed faster and more effectively with less need for other resources.

In a matter of seconds you can identify an expert to help you, or publish something which stops teams replying to the same call or email 25 times per week whilst also letting those asking the question find that answer faster, and business processes which bottleneck because an authoriser misses an email will be eradicated by notifications.

All the while the intranet will bring your employees closer together whilst working more efficiently and productively, reducing reactive activity and encouraging proactivity.

If you can hear these conversations at the moment:

  • “I can never find what I’m looking for”
  • “They’ve changed their phone number, what do I do now?”
  • “Who do I ask about this?”
  • “Why does it take so long to get holiday approved?”
  • “I must answer this 50 times per week”
  • “I never knew that, why did nobody tell me?”
  • “Ok so they’ve left, who does that now?”
  • “Nobody cares about my opinion”
  • “Why are we paying a contractor for that? I could do it”

Maybe it’s time you bought an effective collaborative intranet.

When customers such as Dollar Finance, Wheatley Group and Business Environment are sweeping up the major international intranet awards, they often aren’t changing the world in one action but making every day tasks easier, faster and more accurate to do, which to employees does make it feel like the world has changed for the better.

Over my next few blogs in this series, I will go on to investigate some of the initiatives you can begin to implement, so if there is anything you would like to see covered please get in touch