Creating one version of the truth from many sources with Interact 7.7

As an intranet software company, we are always striving for the intranet to be ‘the one version of the truth’, the place where users go to access the information they need to do their job in the most productive and efficient manner. In an ideal world you would store all of your information on the intranet but we understand that this isn’t always possible. With the surge in cloud-based document management and storage solutions at a personal as well as business level, maintaining ‘one version of the truth’ has become even more difficult as IT can be bypassed and cloud storage set up by anyone with an email address.

Why is this a problem?

Cloud storage is quickly becoming the preferred choice for data storage as it delivers an array of advantages over local storage, including cost and accessibility. The problem arises not from the cloud storage solution but from the disparate way it is used.

With access to the cloud storage for content, users will often bypass the intranet and go straight to it to access the information they want which may not be the correct or most up-to date version, resulting in data validity issues and duplication of effort.

This is not the only problem, by not using the intranet users are missing out on the collaborative functionality that helps to build knowledge and increase productivity.

So how do you bring it under control?

You could try to stop people using cloud storage, but let’s face it, why would you want to? Cloud storage is a fantastic way of being able to store and access thousands of documents, from anywhere. What you need is a way to bring it into to your intranet so you can still benefit from the many advantages both solutions provide.

If you’re an Interact customer you can now get the best of both worlds: the freedom to use cloud storage solutions, coupled with our industry-leading collaboration features.

The best of both worlds sounds good doesn’t it?! The latest version of Interact brings with it integration with some of the most popular document management and storage solutions including Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Box and Google Drive, making it fast and simple to search and publish content directly from the cloud to your intranet – giving your organisation the flexibility to deliver trustworthy information regardless of where it sits.

Cloud storage

Integration also allows you to utilise the social tools in Interact such as @mentioning, tagging and document cross referencing with your chosen cloud storage solution to build collaboration and boost productivity across your organisation.

But that’s not all!

Regardless of whether your documents are stored in the cloud or locally, we’ve introduced a number of document management features to help drive productivity and engagement in your intranet.

Grow your intranet content fast with Bulk Storage Upload

Bulk Storage Upload makes it quick and easy to upload documents to your intranet using drag and drop functionality or direct upload from zip files. To make things even more straight forward, Interact will auto-populate mandatory page information directly from the file, with the added flexibility of being able to amend information if required.

Bulk upload

Find the right document easily with Inline Preview

Inline Preview makes it really simple to find the information you’re looking for without having to open a document first, and is particularly useful if you don’t have native Microsoft Office or PDF applications. You can quickly read the content and make use of Interact’s social tools such as @mention, like or comment without having to open a file.

Inline preview

Quick access to the content you want with one click download direct from search

Use Interact’s intelligent search to find the document you want and download it directly from the search results or content areas. It’s a great time saving tool for users who have to access information regularly, such as rotas or schedules.

One click download