Could this be the world’s most effective intranet?

Our guest blogger today is Andrew Wright, founder of the Worldwide Intranet Challenge and keynote speaker at Interaction Intranet Conference 2012.

The Weston Solution’s intranet is currently the #1 ranked intranet in the Worldwide Intranet Challenge (WIC) web based benchmarking service. The WIC has been completed by over 27,000 in 100 organisations 18 countries. This means that the people who use the intranet – their own employees – believe their intranet delivers real value to the organisation.

Worldwide Intranet Challenge

Companies partake in intranet benchmarking for a number of reasons including picking up tips and tricks, new design inspiration, motivation, manage priorities or putting a business case together to gain some funding to improve the intranet.

Andrew Wright will be speaking at the London Intranet Conference, Interaction 2012 on October 3rd 2012.

Summary of intranet tips from Weston Solutions:

  • Obtain buy-in from the top
  • Form a steering committee of senior management
  • Align your intranet with key organisational drivers
  • Link your intranet to the business strategy
  • Read John Kotter’s book – Leading Change
  • Collaboration is critical if you are going to be a successful business in the future
  • Form a Portal Advisory Group (PAG) for your intranet
  • Aim high – stretch your vision – “Portal to be the first stop personalized gateway to the people, information, tools, and applications so we can work together collaboratively, creatively, and seamlessly”
  • Develop an intranet communication strategy
  • Engage the organisation continually in developing your intranet
  • Always give people the option to be involved in the project
  • Provide similar functionality to what’s available in the consumer world – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Show success as soon as you can
  • Run an early adopter program
  • Provide short training videos – no longer than 5 minutes
  • Organise a profile week – provide an incentive for staff to update their profiles during a particular week
  • Track and show progress against your goals
  • Provide portal minutes for managers
  • Provide quick start guides
  • Introduce a 5 for 5 program – 5 minutes of people’s time for a $5 gift card
  • 30 portal tips in 30 minutes
  • Build a culture of recognition
  • Provide online training and support for your site managers
  • Aggressive governance – every site has a site owner and an admin, every admin must go through a certification & training

To find out more there is a 10 part video series which is must see viewing for any organisation wishing to deliver an intranet that staff will find business critical.

Andrew Wright is the founder of the Worldwide Intranet Challenge (WIC) – a web based survey that allows organisations to obtain and benchmark feedback from their staff about what they think of their intranet. He also publishes the Worldwide Intranet Challenge blog which contains many useful articles about intranets and how to improve them.

He has worked with intranets for the past 10 years using a range of tools such as SharePoint, IBM Websphere and Lotus Notes. He manages the largest Linkedin group about intranets – the Worldwide Intranet Challenge – with over 11,500 members. He has presented at conferences both overseas and in his home country of Australia.

Andrew Wright will be speaking at the London Intranet Conference, Interaction 2012 on October 3rd 2012.