Can Your Intranet Software “Talk” to the iPad?

In the business world it’s important to stay current on technology. You can bet that when the new electronic gadgets are introduced there are going to be employees in your organization that embrace them with glee.

The iPad is a good example. Designed to be the equivalent of an electronic briefcase, don’t you think some of your staff is going to be carrying an iPad while out of the office or traveling? Of course they are! So here you are with the ideal intranet system loaded with important content the out-of-office staff need and there they are with iPads. Wouldn’t it be nice if the two systems could meet in the middle?

Empower Your Workforce

Businesses are relying more and more on their intranet systems to empower their workforce. That’s just one reason why it’s so important to have an adaptable intranet system that can adapt to new technology. Interact knows people are on the go and not just hanging out at desktop computers and has built an adaptable information system that can embrace new technology with as much glee as your employees embraced the iPad.

So can Interact work on the iPad? Yes, it can! Interact Intranet software can cross browsers and is compatible with the iPad Safari browser. You can just touch the iPad screen while logged into the intranet and you have full functionality. Touch…enlarge or minimize the image. Touch…and scroll down the page. Touch…watch a video, bring up a diagram or read a document.

And by the way, Interact is also compatible with the iPhone. All Interact has to say is this: bring on the technology because we’re ready!