7 reasons to love Interact Intranet 7.3

Last week we launched Interact Intranet 7.3, which is focused on helping companies release the power of social in their business.

This latest Interact Intranet software release is perfectly timed with the recent revelation by Nielson Norman Group, that the world’s best intranets are now fully embracing, encouraging and even rewarding social activity by employees.

Having intranet software with social enterprise tools can bring a number of business benefits, such as improved employee engagement, faster decision making, more effective problem solving, reduced reliance on email and greater overall productivity.

So, here are 7 simple reasons why you will love this latest Interact Intranet software release and why it will help you go social in 2014:

1. Share and collaborate more effectively with groups

Intelligent @Mentioning ensures your intranet is a central place for employees to collaborate and reduces the use of email for group conversations, which can be time consuming and ineffective. Interact Intranet 7.3 now goes a step beyond connecting individuals and content and now offers the ability to instantly @Mention departments, locations and teams into a conversation; connecting groups with similar interests to spark more purposeful social interactions.

It is important to have these key conversations on the intranet for full transparency.

2. Make collaboration easy with one click to a multilingual intranet

With ever increasing globalisation, a multilingual intranet removes the communication and collaboration barriers, which can be experienced when employees have a wide variety of different first languages. Interact Intranet 7.3 now seamlessly integrates with Google Translate to give employees the ability to comment or create discussions in their preferred language, with instant translation of all intranet content in 60+ languages.

3. #Tagging makes it quick to uncover conversations & content of interest to you

#Tagging is a fantastic tool, offering a great way for Intranet Managers to create a horizontal architecture structure across their intranet and to improve the categorisation and grouping of content and conversations for employees. Interact Intranet 7.3 has now introduced the #Tagging of pages to allow the grouping of similar types of content. For example #presentations would uncover all presentations and conversations around that relevant #Tag to quickly uncover the information employees need.

4. Keep social activity business relevant and employee specific

Employees can uncover more relevant and compelling information that improves knowledge sharing and collaboration, with Interact’s Timeline, social and intelligent feature enhancements. Media rich content now displays within an employee’s timeline, such as images from galleries, to make content more interesting, instigating further collaboration with instant liking, sharing and commenting.

5. Flexible intranet homepages to support employee conversations

Intranet homepages are a key real-estate area and vital to fully engage employees and ensure critical conversations and information aren’t missed. Interact Intranet 7.3 now offers greater homepage flexibility, with more layout options to support a wider range of social widgets, including; galleries, blogs, latest comments and topics that are trending.

Give power to your Content Managers to build great homepages that everyone loves!

6. Notification alerts help users take action

Notifications are an important way to drive traffic to your intranet, pulling users in on a frequent basis. Interact’s internal notifications have been redesigned to ensure the information a user receives (either via the system or via email) is relevant, timely and allows them to take immediate action when necessary. New links within notifications make accessing highlighted content quick and easy so that response time is shortened – critical for good collaboration.

7. Track who has read important information

Mandatory Read is a key part of many of our customer’s intranets to ensure important information is read. As a result we have given this feature a redesign to improve the user interface and added additional functionality. Users with the right permissions can access the Mandatory Read details in the front end of the Page, making it even quicker and easier to check who has read the Page and to send an instant reminder to those who haven’t. Simple to use and very effective – your HR team will love this feature!

Mandatory read

These are just some of the key features from our latest release. Watch out for Interact Intranet 7.4 software release due out in May.

Interested in finding out more?

3 ways you can discover more about our Interact Intranet 7.3:

1. Read about this great new release on our intranet software updates page

2. Watch last week’s launch webinar by Interact’s CEO, Nigel Danson

3. Try Interact Intranet 7.3 today for 30 days and invite your colleagues