7 productivity challenges effortlessly solved by a new intranet

Having a great intranet should be effortless when it comes to the software you use. If you recognise any of the following productivity challenges on a consistent basis, it is either time you got a new job or more practically, it’s time you invested in a new intranet.

1) “I’d love to, but…”

Publishing content feels like a full-time job, one of those real productivity challenges. You need IT to add an image or video. Your employees have to come to you to publish anything. Content contributors need to go on a training course first. All sound familiar??

Running an intranet, introducing new tools and being able to create something when you have a spark of inspiration should be effortless. If it isn’t, there is something wrong. By using an intuitive intranet platform, you will be amazed by the amount of free time you now get or how ‘that idea’ became live, communicated and running on the same day.

7 productivity challenges effortlessly solved by a new intranet - Forum

2) “I’m too busy to…”

Rather than drown under a tidal wave of frequent calls asking the same question, why not add it once to your intranet and let employees trust one place for an answer?

We estimate you can have a page built (with images and videos if you wish) inside two minutes:

  • Fancy including a quiz to see if your employees have understood a piece of content? Add another ten seconds if you already know the questions and answers.
  • Want to have a compliant method of confirming who has read a Mandatory Read page? Simply tick one box as you build a page.

7 productivity challenges effortlessly solved by a new intranet - Quiz

  • Want to ensure your page comes at the top of a search for a specific term, for example pension? Add a Best Bet inside ten seconds.
  • How about letting someone build their own page? Go for it, simply change the level of permission that person has, simple.

7 productivity challenges effortlessly solved by a new intranet - Best Bets

3) “Where do I find…?”

Your intranet should be the trusted place people come to find up-to-date information, but a major sign your information management is in trouble is when users don’t know where to go to find something. If your current site is a glorified shared drive or worse still, the company line feels like it should be “it’s on the O Drive” or it feels like you need a tour guide just to find the content you are looking for, you aren’t going to be too productive.

With either no search function or a search engine which isn’t tuned to the various storage solutions in an organisation, finding content becomes lucky dip.

Meanwhile an effective intranet search engine on a site which easily adds metadata, best bets and an intelligence engine to surface relevant content makes searching not just simple or right first time but intuitive and relied upon by your users. It doesn’t take any effort to get either, your authors are encouraged to add metadata and best bets as they build the page.

7 productivity challenges effortlessly solved by a new intranet - Metadata

4) “What do you mean it’s the wrong form?”

Your employees take the time to follow a process or complete a form to be told “you’ve filled in the wrong version”. This can be so easily avoided with basic version control tools.

To be even more effective, address productivity challenges with intelligent intranet tools, such as prompts when you’re adding a title to check content of a similar title, eradicates duplication.

By enabling commenting, liking and sharing functionality, you can gauge feedback, plan for amendments and meet ISO 9001 requirements at the same time. Inline preview provides an additional benefit a shared drive won’t with users able to collaborate over attachments.

7 productivity challenges effortlessly solved by a new intranet - Inline preview

5) “Sorry, I’m out of the office”

It’s an indication of the dated nature of email that we still set out of office notifications when you should be able to work anywhere on any device.

Meanwhile those desperate calls when someone on the road needs critical information won’t go away until you open up access to that critical information wherever someone is, whichever device they use.

Rather than having to guess availability via email (Have they got the email? Are they going to respond?) intranet presence indicates who is available to discuss something or help. If they’re busy (either away from their desk or getting their head down) they can mark themselves as unavailable in just one click.

7 productivity challenges effortlessly solved by a new intranet - Availability

6) “We just did our own thing”

In one sense employees solving a problem they have by themselves saves you work. However what happens when everyone is working in different ways? Knowledge is not joined up and you risk people wasting time duplicating effort.

With a great intranet solution you could let users set up there own team areas, without the need for training, ensuring that ideas for past projects or pitches can easily be accessed and potentially reused without any effort on your part.

Meanwhile simple tools such as watches and favourites let people personalize their site to meet their specific job and needs.

7 productivity challenges effortlessly solved by a new intranet - Watches

7) “So what have you achieved this week?”

“I think people…erm…”

You don’t want to be giving this response, so take the guesswork out of what you do. Analytics effortlessly lets you measure contribution and impact both for published content and user-generated content. Easily see which activity has the greatest impact, see your high traffic times and which days to plan comms; all there to address your productivity challenges and make your intranet as great as it can be.

7 productivity challenges effortlessly solved by a new intranet - Analytics