Photography has become a key part of communications and marketing. It’s an engaging way to deliver messages, both internally and externally, but let’s face it, only if it’s in focus! We’ve all seen terrible quality photos on profile pictures, on Twitter or even on a corporate blog. So here are six simple steps, that won’t make you an expert, but will give you a good start.

First of all, there’s going to be an assumption made; you have a DSLR. TechRadar describes it really well; if you’ve outgrown your point-and-shoot camera and you feel like you’re ready to take your photography to the next step, then an entry-level DSLR is the obvious choice. If you don’t, and are unsure which one to buy, they also provide an excellent review of entry level DSLRs.

6 simple steps to awesome photos for your comms [infographic]