2014 Interaction Awards Winners

Every year we seem surprised by the levels of innovation and brilliance our customers show and this year was no exception, providing an even harder set of entries for our judging panel to preside over. Eventually there was some agreement amongst plenty of disagreement and this year’s awards winners were:

Best Brand 2014

Best Brand will always be a contentious award as it is highly subjective and difficult to measure but we felt three entries really stood out for us:

Staffordshire Housing

Staffs Housing Group have given a completely different take on how we’d expect a Housing Association intranet to look. Bold, cartoon images which go beyond a core character, it is simple yet striking, instantly identifiable as Cake as opposed to other internal systems. The acronym for CAKE – connect and keep engaging also added to the verbal brand of the site.

CAKE inner


DWF provided a refreshing look to a Professional Services business. Bright, instantly identifiable and a great balance between formal and professional, we were wowed by Rubix, DWF’s entry.


Rational Group

More commonly known by their key brands Full Tilt Poker and Party Poker, the Rational Group have created a V5 intranet with the visual quality and standards of a public facing website, delivering a look we had not seen from any other customers. It proudly asked the question ‘why shouldn’t your intranet look as impressive as your website?’, an excellent effort by Rational Group with a theme which distinctly identifies the two brands.

Best Brand 2014 Joint Winners

DWF and Staffordshire Housing Group

Intranet Awards DWF

Ryan Kaye (DWF), Nigel Danson (Interact) and Lawrence Spence (DWF)

Intranet Awards Staffs Housing

Mark Brookes (Staffordshire Housing Group), Nigel Danson (Interact) and Sandra Barber (Staffordshire Housing Group)

Most Effective Homepage 2014

Again our panel were treated to an excellent variety of entries, our three finalists were:

MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company)

We often discuss perfect blend and here is an excellent example. Sharp, striking with a great balance of business process, collaboration and communication, it is simple yet effective. An effective use of shortcuts mean new starters are instantly able to participate within this international shipping business.



Rich content, a clean look and a simple blend across six widgets, B-hive is instantly recognisable to users and most importantly engaging.

The intelligent yet simple way of handling regional news, which is a challenge to a lot of companies, ensures both Barnado’s national and regional content is quickly accessible.


Kantar Health

Kantar Health have found an excellent way to initiate and encourage collaboration by bringing their external collaborative behaviour to the fore. This has started to see communities forming who feel trusted to answer and share problems across this American market research organisation.

Most Effective Homepage 2014 Winner


Intranet Awards MSC

Emma Dinwoodie (MSC), David Groom (MSC), Nigel Danson (Interact) and Jason Parkes (MSC)

Best Business Transformation 2014

Identifying those customers who have truly embraced the benefits a digital workplace can offer in their day to day activity, our finalists were:

Helping Hands

Helping Hands have transformed the way their carers can communicate and feedback with their highly engaging intranet. Experts share tips and ideas which others often engage with and add to. Given most users are located in a client’s house, this virtual community is essential for informing and learning from. Filling difficult placement vacancies through referral is a massive benefit of Care2Share which was a major business challenge previously. Transforming their physical presence to digital has meant carers who may potentially be isolated in location are still instantly connected to like minded people and can quickly engage with experts to share and add to experiences.

Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority

Suffolk Coastal have rapidly adopted tools which have allowed them to quickly reduce email volumes, engage users and drive efficiencies both company wide and via network of teams. One great example is the business wide adoption of @mentioning which has eased workers into more collaborative behaviours as they advance. The intranet has rapidly become the way of facing business challenges and the take up has seen them become one of the greatest contributors to our Community product enhancement forum as they uncover new ways to plan and conduct getting work done.

Rational Group

Whilst catering for over 70 nationalities between 1,700 users and amalgamating two major poker sites under one umbrella, The Rail has managed to seamlessly become the way of working for employees around the globe. With 170 monthly contributors and new articles averaging almost 50% readership across the organisation, the site doesn’t only communicate but encourage collaboration. When the CEO departed, The Rail was naturally seen as the best way to communicate this and the proceeding change comms.

Best Business Transformation 2014 Winner

Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority

Social With a Purpose 2014

Highlighting those customers who have embraced collaborative culture and tools to meet their business objectives, we had three brilliant finalists with three very different adoption methods of social:

Silver Chef

Silver Chef have broken down the silos between their Australian, New Zealand and Canadian territories by encouraging online meet ups each morning using blogs and forums. With over 50% employee contribution despite having over 75% remote workers, they use social to build a culture and connect in a peerless environment.

Dollar Finance

Dollar Finance do everything via their intranet, it’s a phenomenal statement to make.

When they wanted to know whether to open on Sundays, they threw it out to everyone via their forums. Do we need uniform? The same route again. When ideas get supported by colleagues, they aren’t discussed by senior management behind closed doors but instead the meeting segments covering those ideas are recorded. When regulation changed, shops shared questions and ideas openly, all driving an engaged workforce and open, transparent communication.

With over 100 active bloggers a day in senior management alone, Interact is Dollar Finance’s way of working between head office, call center and stores.

Kantar Health

Kantar Health had a conservative culture and collaboration was slow to take off. Meanwhile interaction and collaboration with customers has been a large part of their customer facing brand. By blending internal and external collaboration, Kantar Health have quickly ignited trust and understanding in collaboration with over 25% of the business already sharing ideas and solving problems.

Social With a Purpose 2014 Winner

Dollar Finance

Intranet Awards Dollar FG

Nigel Danson (Interact) and Paula Kenyon (Dollar Finance Group)

Best Launch 2014

Looking for new ways customers engage their users across a range of budgets to ensure users don’t just try but quickly adopt their new site.


An excellently conducted launch, great guidance to authors and users alike (printed and rich media) with plenty of tricks and treats to ensure remote workers were engaged and involved, particularly with a highly effective treasure hunt.

The Children’s Trust

A brilliant balance between engaging events and clever online techniques, the launch looked great fun to be part of, reaching a range of users with a clear message, we want you to use and enjoy The Loop. The circus was a fantastic touch and something distinctly Children’s Trust


Clear objectives and well measured success amongst their users. Managers toolkits helped explain to users that they were trusted to collaborate , nailed its objectives and balanced well between video and blogs to ensure there were plenty of voices at all levels across the site. Similar to CrossCountry last year, the effort put into workshops travelling the county to engage users paid massive dividends.


American animal protection charity ASPCA took a very different route in quickly establishing an assumed trust and then introducing tools into the build up to launch, for example “this week you may begin to receive follower notifications” – this is what they are and why you should consider following once you have access. This drip feed message with videos was an innovative way to ensure the users were joining in and comfortable rather than initiating a journey.

Best Launch 2014 Joint Winners

ASPCA and Barnardo’s

Intranet Awards Barnardos

Paul Panton (Barnardo’s), Nigel Danson (Interact), Megan Skinner (Barnardo’s) and Bhatrina Patel (Barnardo’s)

Intranet Manager / Team of the Year 2014

Interestingly this year we saw more teams entered than ever before, typically with lots of people holding a partial role within the intranet and combining to produce an excellent experience for their users. Our audience voted for the winner during the Workshop Day polling and the winner was announced on the evening. The final three were:

Federation of Small Businesses

Ayesha Graves presented an engaging view into how she had driven change in FSB, refusing to take no for an answer and helping her stakeholders to understand what the intranet did and could potentially do for them.

Silver Chef

Amanda Robinson provided an excellent overview into her intranet team and how their day to day roles were evolving to become digitally driven, culminating in them becoming Intranet Superheroes.

The Children’s Trust

The Children’s Trust’s Michelle Baillie gave the audience an absorbing insight into how her team help employees, volunteers and the children they help using their intranet The Loop.

Intranet Manager / Team of the Year 2014 Winner

The Children’s Trust

Intranet Awards The Childrens Trust

Jean Waller (The Children’s Trust), Nigel Danson (Interact), Michelle Baillie (The Children’s Trust) and Steve Osborne (Interact)

Community Influence 2014

We are fortunate as Interact and customers to have so many great members of the Community, offering help to others and engaging with the development of our product through the highly effective Product Enhancement Suggestions Forum which has seen 152 suggestions brought into the product so far this year.

Community Influence 2014 Winner

Kirsty Dawes embodies why are customers are great, she is insightful and happy to help, adding value to all our community members whether they’ve been involved in intranets for five years or five seconds. Her Influence Score, contribution and attitude made Kirsty a worthy winner of this award.

Essential Small Business Intranet

We were amazed at the array of ways our Small Business (up to 500 users) customers had made their intranets essential. The finalists were:

Landcorp International

Spain based Landcorp International have created a visually stunning site and managed to do what a number of parent company intranets fail to do, strike a great balance between local and enterprise. With strong engagement and innovative strategies, Landcorp is an intranet we expect to turn into one of our customer superstars.


TSS have cleverly blended a range of tools to change the way they work and engage with a host of remote users. After a strong initial adoption, this has continued to increase with intranet objectives closely aligned with business objectives and then not just met but beaten by Raj and his team.


It’s incredible to see a business which has turned their intranet into the way of working in such a manner, manager’s don’t just follow instructions on how to instigate challenge but suggest new ways to online the way they work. With a seamless transition between countries which previously wasn’t feasible, Silver Chef are a great example of how remote workers don’t have to be disengaged workers and how a successful intranet quickly evolves into a core part of a number of roles within a business.

Essential Small Business Intranet 2014 Winner


Essential Company Intranet


MSC have the quintessential essential intranet, widely adopted, seen as the vehicle for all communication and process efficiencies, MSC have an intranet we believe everyone else would love to have. Keep an eye for a live tour with MSC in the next couple of months.


Locala have, in a similar manner to Helping Hands, created an essential intranet to engage remote district nurses to ensure the information and help they need is quickly accessible and easily executable. They have struck a great balance between business and social, encouraging opinion and communicating in a transparent manner. There adoption levels are superb and they have engaged their workforce to the point where the intranet is seen as the way of working, for example a recently release Workflow and Form saw over 1,200 of their 1,400 employees choosing to complete this process following the new method within the first month.

Rational Group

Managing the positive communication between two market leading businesses is always going to be tough but Rational Group have succeeded using many of the same gamification methods and communication you would expect on Full Tilt Poker and Poker Stars. Visually excellent with a great stream of comms and collaboration, 70 nationalities smoothly integrate into one excellent site which is seen as the vehicle for delivering engagement and information.

Essential Company Intranet 2014 Winner


Intranet Awards MSC

Emma Dinwoodie (MSC), David Groom (MSC), Nigel Danson (Interact) and Jason Parkes (MSC)