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Ben Kulakofsky

Ben Kulakofsky  ·  3 min read

10 Must Read IT Blogs

Technological advances are drastically changing the way companies in almost every industry operate. Take this recent article from BizTech Magazine on nonprofits migrating their IT processes to the cloud. Though not the first sector to come to mind when considering organizations at the forefront of tech adoption, nonprofits are making clever use of cloud technologies and new software. Digital tools and being an early adopter are now so engrained in all aspects of work that all sectors are taking advantage.

With the saturation of technology in all areas of work, it pays for employees at an organization to be savvy. It pays for companies to make sure that their workers are technologically literate so that they can best utilize their digital tools as well as keeping security a priority.

We’ve put together a list of IT blogs and tech focused websites that can be a great resource for workers – both in and outside of the IT department. The websites featured on this list cover a broad range of topics within technology, but they should be both entertaining and informative for anyone with an interest in technology. Moreover, they’re an excellent place to point employees who are wondering how they can become more involved in the digital side of your business.

1. CIO

CIO IT blog screenshot is one of our go-to resources for learning what’s new in the world of information technology. They publish articles on everything from gadgets to career advice and network security.

2. ZDNet

ZDnet IT blog

Another perennial favorite for many of the same reasons as ZDNet covers a wide range of topics that range from buzzworthy news stories to in  depth explorations of IT related issues. One of our favourite posts concerns the internet of things and how IT Managers can find their way out of the security nightmare.

internet of things, forrester research

Image courtesy of Forrester/ZDNet 

3. Mashable

IT blog mashable

The nice thing about Mashable is that it isn’t exclusively technology focused. Having stories on everything from pop culture to social media marketing makes it a good way to introduce others at your company to the type of blogs mentioned here. At its core, Mashable was founded as a tech blog, so there still are plenty of those stories for people to dig into. 

4. CSO

CSO IT blog

A sister site to, is focused specifically on security – a topic we could all afford to know more about.


5. Virtually Cloud 9

virtually cloud 9 IT blog

Virtually Cloud 9 is for anyone with a keen interest in what cloud technology can do for their organization. Tommy Patterson takes readers through some very useful resources in cloud software.

6. Troy Hunt’s blog

Troy Hunt IT blog

Admittedly, this blog gets into some of the more granular aspects of software development and security, which means it’s not great for tech novices. However, as a five time Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional), Troy’s accolades back up his inclusion here.

troy hunt it blog production access

Taken from Troy’s blog: Demonstrating some of the security considerations of cloud applications

7. DevOps Reactions

Devops reactions IT blog

This one is purely for fun. It isn’t informative per se, but the tech-savvy amongst you will have a lot of laughs at the reaction gifs posted here.


8. Gigaom

GigaOm IT blog

One of the best known technology news websites, Gigaom made a name for themselves by being an in depth and reliable source for anyone wondering what’s next on the horizon in Web 2.0, social media, gaming, and more.

9. IT Business Edge

IT business edge blog IT blog is for CIOs or other IT workers who are business minded. ITBE covers stories from across the tech world but all related to corporate issues.

10. Interact IT Blog

Interact intranet IT blog

We couldn’t populate a list about IT blogs without mentioning our own! From 10 things every intranet should have to 5 powerful ways to revolutionise cloud collaboration, our blog is packed with intranet hints and tips for IT managers to help them with their intranet projects and beyond.

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