10 festive features your intranet must have

Now we have hit December, there really is no escape from Christmas! For many an intranet, this means a drop in activity, so there is no harm in making the most of the festivities, utilising your intranet features to increase activity and address your business challenges.

The key is to make them fun and easy to take part in. Here are a few of the great examples we have seen from our customers, which can be easily set up within a few minutes. Give them a try and let us know how you get on. The great thing is, these concepts work well across all seasons!

1) Increase adoption with a Christmas competition

Simple competitions are a great way to get employees to your intranet. There is a whole host of things you can do.

We are running a competition on our Community to encourage our customers to share what they’re doing on their intranet over the Christmas period – these examples always inspire others to get creative with their sites. It’s really simple to set up and manage; the entrant has to add a blog, with the title Christmas Competition, and the blog with the most likes wins a mystery prize! Don’t worry if you’re not a customer, we will share the results!

2) Deliver communications with an interactive advent calendar

This is a personal favourite. Make the most of delivering 25 key comms, pieces of content or messages from members of the senior team. It’s really easy to set up; it’s just a case of image mapping and using hyperlinks on the relevant day.

10 festive features your intranet must have_advent calendarWheatley Group crafted an advent calendar with information regarding employee benefits. Each day employees completed a quick quiz on that page using Intranet Question Bank.

3) Increase collaboration with a gallery or two

Create a gallery and let your employees add their images. This could be for the best and worst Christmas jumpers, departmental Christmas decorating competition (don’t forget to link to health & safety policies!) or even snaps of the most festive sights employees see out and about – a great to engage your remote workers.

You’ll be surprised by how much this brings people together as they log on to the intranet to see and comment on the latest picture.

10 festive features your intranet must have_christmas jumpers

The jury is still out as to whether this is from a good or bad Christmas jumper competition!

4) Engage employees with intranet rewards

Using a rewards program on your intranet (Nigel Danson shares some great tips in a previous blog) is a proven way to increase employee engagement. With the festive period approaching, why not try a Christmas presents rewards scheme for December? Employees could receive presents for acts of kindness – there could even be a twist by tagging the reward with #naughty or #nice. Whether people exchange actual presents at the end of the event is completely up to you.

5) Encourage employees to return with a Christmas theme

Why not change your background or logo to a festive themed? Employees will return to your intranet if it changes and they know there’s something to see.

10 festive features your intranet must have_MyWorkspace logo

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) changed their intranet logo for Christmas

6) Build a community with festive forums

Why not try creating a forum to run a charity auction? It could include donated items, services or even kisses under the mistletoe (although be careful with this one)!

7) Improve team working with a Christmas treasure hunt

Workflow and Forms is a tool to create online forms and streamline business processes. There is no reason you couldn’t use this to create a Christmas treasure hunt, sending employees to specific areas of your site that you want them to visit. You could create a competition amongst teams, possibly even send them to different team areas to find out about different projects or departments. Of course the end result and prize is up to you (depending on how much of a Scrooge you are!)

8) Enhance productivity with Christmas cards

Online Christmas cards are great for many reasons, one of which is to encourage employees to use various features of your intranet, enhancing productivity and increasing collaboration.

Create a gallery with a series of Christmas cards and encourage employees to download them to give to one another. This is a great way to boost morale, as well as introducing the functionality of downloading from galleries – ideal if you’re looking to introduce your branded collateral in one area for all employees to use in the future.

10 festive features your intranet must have_Christmas cards

9) Improve communication with daily challenges

Why not set a simple daily task to improve comms and generally embrace the Christmas spirit? Set challenges like, say Merry Christmas online to someone you haven’t spoken to before or ask someone on a forum what they are getting for Christmas. Take a look at how Geoff Garcia of March of Dimes implemented a 30 day intranet challenge for cultural change to get ideas on how to do it.

10) Boost morale by having fun yourself

Most importantly have fun! Share how you get on by commenting on this blog, or getting in touch with us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.