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8 internal comms ideas your employees will love (and actually read)

By Becki Hall, March 24, 2017

Digital marketing analysts estimate that the average American will be exposed to a jaw-dropping 4,000 – 10,000 advertisements every single day. It sounds far-fetched, but as an experiment by Red Crow Marketing’s Ron Marshall shows (he bailed at 487 exposures before he even finished his breakfast), it’s not unfeasible. Even in the age of Netflix ... read more

healthy employee

6 Healthy Ways to Celebrate Your Employees

By Jessica Thiefels, March 23, 2017

There are plenty of ways to celebrate your employees, like taking them out to dinner, buying snacks for the office or doing an annual employee award ceremony. However, with health being a growing priority for employees of all ages, unhealthy snacks and dinners may not be as appreciated as say, an in-office cooking class. Addressing ... read more

intranet purpose

4 signs that prove your intranet is not serving its purpose

By Steve Zucker, March 17, 2017

What makes a good employee? Someone who is friendly? Knowledgeable? Resourceful? Generally speaking, they should add value to the organization, but studies show there are very specific traits a person should have to be a key contributor to business success. The same can be said about an intranet. Like any good employee, an intranet needs ... read more

impact of managers

The impact of managers on workplace engagement and productivity

By James Foster, March 16, 2017

We all know the mantra: people leave managers, not companies. The role of the manager in the workplace is perhaps the most significant in terms of impact on organizational performance. Managers have the most direct influence on employees they line manage. They carry the responsibility for aligning the performance of their department and its staff ... read more

internal comms hacks

30 quick-win internal comms hacks: Part II

By Becki Hall, March 10, 2017

Looking to inject some life and make an impact with your internal communications campaigns? Our two-part comms hacks blog continues… If you missed part I, check out the first 15 handy hacks here. In this edition, we explore a broad selection of insider tips and tricks, ranging from the value of storytelling and using your ... read more

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