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Not every company can offer intranets as one of their core offerings – there just isn’t the resource available to do this. However, every single one of your customers will need an intranet at some stage. Most thought leading groups – such as the Institute of Internal Communication, estimate the average lifecycle of a company’s intranet is 3-5 years. So, if your business has 100 customers, a conservative estimate will say that 20 of these will need a new intranet in the next year.

There is a source of income here that we can help you access, through selling your services around the project and receiving a share of the software revenue. Ultimately, the business is better with you than a competitor, right? Someone is going to get it, and here’s how we can help you:

You don’t need to be the expert

You create great websites and content, you are renowned for you internal comms and employee engagement, and your strategy consulting is second to none. However, intranets are just not a big focus – you have other priorities. The great news is that we can look after the technology, leaving you to concentrate on looking after the client and delivering your services around the project. Don’t give yourself the headache of trying to build and support a custom intranet – we can offer customizable ‘out-the-box‘ option.

Make use of our support

Do you want us to help your prepare for a meeting with some pricing and product information? Then we can do that. If you would prefer us to attend a pitch with you, deliver a full presentation and work on a joint implementation plan – then we will do. The choice is yours – a dedicated partner manager will be there to provide all the resource you need to best handle the opportunity for you and your client.


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