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Blog Archive - 11/2014

  • 12 signs you need an intranet

    12 signs you need an intranet 1. You can never find the document you’re looking for Regardless of size, businesses have a lot of documents, so if these are not managed correctly it can be […] Read More

    Simon Dance
    by Simon Dance 4 years ago

  • Is it time for a social intranet yet?

    Think about your average day in work, how much time do you spend answering repetitive questions or correcting other colleagues mistakes because the correct information was not readily available? Now think about how much more […] Read More

    Kelly Connor
    by Kelly Connor 4 years ago

  • Fear: the enemy of collaboration

    Fear: the enemy of collaboration Improving or enhancing collaborative working is often one of the main reasons for choosing to implement a social intranet but all too often companies fail to get virtual teams and […] Read More

    Kelly Freeman
    by Kelly Freeman 5 years ago

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