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Blog Archive - 09/2014

  • Interact expands presence down under with new partner KDIS

    Interact Intranet, the intelligent intranet software company announces new partnership with Sydney & Melbourne based KDIS to expand their coverage of Australia. Interact Intranet today announced its second partnership in Australia with KDIS, a strategic […] Read More

    Kelly Connor
    by Kelly Connor 5 years ago

  • Rethink your intranet

    While websites have travelled inside the organisation, from IT to communications and then onwards to marketing, intranets remain stuck between IT and communications at best; orphaned at worst. Who cares about who owns the intranet […] Read More

    by Janus Boye 5 years ago

  • The Good Intranet Parenting Guide

    Many of my peers in the intranet industry will openly tell you that your intranet is not a project. However, very few actually say what your intranet is if it isn’t a project. For my […] Read More

    by Nigel Williams 5 years ago

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