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Blog Archive - 10/2013

  • Trick or Treat? SharePoint – The Frightening Truth

    For some companies, implementing SharePoint can be a real life horror story, with only 14% of SharePoint implementations meeting customer expectations. But why is this? SharePoint is built by Microsoft so surely it’s the best […] Read More

    Emma Bramwell
    by Emma Bramwell 6 years ago

  • Social Intranet Summit

    Last week from the relative comfort of my own lounge I was able to view selected speakers at the 2013 Social Intranet Summit hosted by Ragan in Chicago that was based on creating irresistible content, […] Read More

    Steven Osborne
    by Steven Osborne 6 years ago

  • 10 Ways To Lose Your Intranet Users

    There are probably a million ways you can lose a user from your intranet and some will be particular to your company, but we think these are top 10 that you really need pay to […] Read More

    Kelly Freeman
    by Kelly Freeman 6 years ago

  • 7 Pillars of a Successful Intranet

    Earlier this year, Interact teamed up with The Denovati Group’s Founder and Principal, Courtney Hunt to present the ‘7 Pillars of a Successful Intranet’ to a fully engaged audience in New York. Due to the […] Read More

    Emma Bramwell
    by Emma Bramwell 6 years ago

  • The 2013 Interact Excellence Award Winners

    The winners of the 2013 Intranet Excellence Awards were announced last Tuesday during an exciting awards ceremony. The Interact Intranet Excellence Awards is the annual awards ceremony that celebrates the hard work of intranet managers […] Read More

    by Nigel Williams 6 years ago

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