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Blog Archive - 08/2013

  • A SMART Intranet in Every Company

    When Herbert Hoover was running for President of the United States in 1928, one of the ad campaigns included the slogan, “A chicken in every pot, a car in every garage.” As a digital technology […] Read More

    Courtney Hunt
    by Courtney Hunt 6 years ago

  • A more cost effective alternative to SharePoint

    Travelling around numerous intranet meet ups and conferences, I tend to meet Intranet Managers who feel restricted by their SharePoint intranets and are often looking for a viable alternative to SharePoint so they no longer […] Read More

    by Nigel Williams 6 years ago

  • Show Your Intranet That You Care

    An intranet, like any other tool or valuable possession that you wish to be long lived and functional, benefits from regular care and maintenance. It functions more smoothly and with greater efficiency when it is […] Read More

    Steven Osborne
    by Steven Osborne 6 years ago

  • Intranet Excellence Awards 2013

    Interact’s Annual Customer Intranet Excellence Awards are now open and ready for our customers to enter! Put your intranet into the spotlight and shine! All entries this year will receive a free online consultancy session […] Read More

    by Nigel Williams 6 years ago

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